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All dg's readers should make a point of watching the first round in yesterday's Pointless. I'm so pleased that today's post mentions something that cropped up in it.

dg writes: I checked, and don't bother.
When I first read this yesterday, I thought it had actually been posted the day before...

I'm still fairly sure this is an April fool's joke that through bureaucracy or incompetence was released late and will now become something Sadiq is held too!
I suspect that, given the transport planners have a wealth of electronic data on Journeys taken in London, even they will have a problem economically justifying the cost of the tube extensionlinking the Elephant and Castle to Lewisham when there are other, less comfortable routes readily available.

I was sceptical about the Bakerloop until I read the hatchet job the Mail has written so it has now risen greatly in my estimation. Anything the Mail hates must must be worth doing.

If they want to link Lewisham to the tube network, what about a Dangleway extension? Dangleway II. Up and over Greeenwich Park. Should raise a few blood pressures. And before anyone thinks that is a crazy idea, planners in Bonn are trying to do somethig similar linking the two sides of the Valley across the Rhine. I can think of at least one politician who would not have baulked at such a vanity project.
The Daimlers and Guys built during WW2 were painted brown.

It's the kind of idea that Bojo would have come up with, catchy and pointless, looks good providing you don't think about it too much.

Elephant & Castle isn't the best interchange with the Underground, it just happens to be nearest one in that part of London with access to the West End.
Feels like this would have made a better April Fool than the mostly-quite-plausible list of a couple of days ago.
Wait, what … this is serious? I honestly thought at first the tweet had gone out on Monday and it was an April Fool. Now i’m worried the name “Bakerloop” might be for real.
I think this is bakerloopy
I'm joining the concensus here that April 1 is spreading its tentacles across the entire week, if not month!

Not least because I'm sure the Lambeth boundary comes a lot closer to the Elephant & Castle than shown on that map.
Another one who is still not entirely convinced she's not been 'had' again!!
It's all a bit Groundhog Day for me!
The 363 uses the flyover at the Bricklayers Arms.
We can possibly manage a pre-rail, rail replacement bus but take a Eurostar to Paris and this year there's 20kms of new extensions opening, they've gone from 3 to 14 tram lines in just over a decade and that's without mentioning the Grand Paris Express already under construction and due to be circling the city by 2030.
I'm still unsure if this is an April Fool or not
Unless TfL bus planners are completely incompetent, which I'd cautiously say is not the case, then if there were sufficient demand for this route it would probably already exist. I think the key is in the old joke that if I were going there I wouldn't start here; if you want to get to Lewisham by bus you wouldn't generally go via the Elephant so it's an artificial construct.
If you did go via the Elephant, there's always the 136 which is less direct but might have get you there sooner as it doesn't involve a change.
It's great publicity for the extension, in that people will take a very slow bus from Lewisham to Elephant and Castle and find themselves muttering "why isn't this an underground train?"
Sadiq has been hyperactive in the last year or so, after 7 years of relative quiet on the bus front.

Yes there's traffic between Elephant and Lewisham, but I'm not sure it's that busy a routing. Both places are well connected by rail, just not to each other, and most people on the Old Kent Road are happy to take a direct bus all the way into central London, rather than changing onto rail at Elephant.
1. Name is awful. But it makes sense to associate it with the Superloop brand which basically everyone in London is aware of. Also it's a portmanteau of another portmanteau too! Baker Street+Waterloo+Superloop.

2. Across the Channel, over in France, it's not unusual to have bus routes 'prefigure' future tram lines or BRT. Now, these bus routes aren't full BRTs or whatever as that would be a waste of money for a temporary route, but I rest assured that as in Superloop manner, any infrastructure for this new line will be minimal so no 'wasted' money into something 'temporary'.

3. It likely won't be 'temporary' in the short temporary sense anyway. I'd be pleasantly surprised if the Bakerloo Line Extension went ahead and opened in the next 20 years.

4. Susan Hall just slammed the idea so I assume to be a somewhat coherent politician she'll be running to Sunak to demand funding for the Bakerloo Line Extension? Ha. Of course not.

(5. Frankly, at this point, a French style modern tram along the route, then via Waterloo, Kingsway, etc... along the route of the Cross River Tram would be lovely imo if they could get that built in a fraction of the time as the Bakerloo Line Extension).
I must admit I presumed this was an April Fool!

Anyway I think I'd rather instead see what meagre funds are going into painting buses brown into painting some of the walls of the existing stations, Elephant & Castle and Lambeth North in particular.
I must admit I presumed this was an April Fool!

Anyway I think I'd rather instead see what meagre funds are going into painting buses brown into painting some of the walls of the existing stations, Elephant & Castle and Lambeth North in particular.
'The Mayor's big brown announcement' is definitely a euphemism along the lines of 'dropping the kids off at the pool' or 'seeing Mr Brown off to the coast'.

"Has the Mayor made a big brown announcement?"

OK, I'm a pro-tram person and I agree that a tram would be the better option anyway. Sadly, I don't think Sadiq is.

Just take a look further south to Croydon. That system seems to be falling apart and there's no talk of the needed new trams.
dg writes: yes there is.

Nevertheless, I don't understand pooh-poohing the need for the Bakerloop bus.If that's the case, there's obviously no need for the underground extension either.

Facit: never criticise any investment in public transport.
If this is intended to be an "extension" to the Bakerloo to prefigure the real extension, then it had better suitable fare arrangements to complete the effect:

* Journey price no more than travelling to zone 2 (from wherever you started on the underground)--no "modal change" penalty for PAYG
* OSI like interchange to continue journey onwards from Lewisham/Elephant/New Cross.
Seems to be a misunderstanding here. Neither the Bakerlonger nor its bus facsimile is intended for through end to end passengers. They are to serve the occupiers of the new blocks of flats to be (hopefully) built along the road between. Taking most of them to the West End, but also some to Lewisham.
I'm surprised nobody's mentioned they thought this was an April Fool.
Wonderful, a new express bus route!

I'm going to nickname it the Superloo.

My experience of loopy buses is far from express. Sure they are limited stop, however they seem to have very easy timetables that require lots of dawdling.

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