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wow... that's neat. the google bus map would have been very useful (and still could be!) for planning tube challenges - interchanges between ends of lines. like it.

Some good items here today - put some on favs for future reference - thanks as always dg for interesting blog

OpenStreetMap is also collecting bus route data to put under a free licence.
London's routes are currently quite sparsely mapped.
The general OSM philosophy is to strive towards good cartography rather than focusing on mashups, thus the (German-produced, but europe-wide) open public transport map was produced.

I really need to get around to finishing mapping Sutton's bus routes...

Open House Guides - in previous years you could pick one up FREE from your local library if (as nearly all do) your borough participated in the weekend. Worth a look come mid-late August?


I passed on that bit of triva about bus route numbers to my girlfriend who's a big fan of the busses (unlike me. I'm a tube man myself.)

Not content with knowing that, she now wants to know how many actual busses there are in London?

Wikipedia helpful tells me there's 6,800 scheduled busses, but I'm assuming that's trips, not vehicles.

Anyone got a better answer?

Whatbus clearly draws straight lines between recognised stops. Buses appear to take interesting routes in "hail and ride" sections. I am about 300m from the nearest bus route yet appear to have one through my garden!

Like the look of the bus route blog - thanks for turning that one up DG.

I've had a lot of (fruitless) hassle in recent years attempting to extricate an Open House guide from any of the libraries/Idea Stores in Tower Hamlets. The postal option's expensive, but it does at least work.

As an occasional visitor to London, this site will be handy. Thanks

I see that has returned - it's quite similar to your first link, but has a bit of a nicer interface for finding a particular bus's route (rather than those nearby).

It was closed for quite a while - licensing problems, apparently, but is now back with no fanfare.

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