please empty your brain below

"The fourth best band in Hull.." I'm guessing the top three may feature Throbbing Gristle, F.Y.C. and The Beautiful South..?? Do I win a prize?

dg writes: Sorry, no. Red Guitars, Everything but the Girl and The Gargoyles.
Heathcote Street is clearly still student territory. The closed curtains downstairs during the day are a sure fire giveaway!
I keep the downstairs curtains closed during the day too (to stop people looking in, of course) and it's been 40+ years since I was a student!
Well if you were late getting away, dg, perhaps you might instead have visited at Whitsun?
I think Mick Ronson came from Hull. (Much more my generation than, say, Beautiful South)
Have you got Pete Frame's Rocking around Britain, dg? - fascinating reading. No index though.
I learnt years ago that Hull was where people went to study and stayed, doing anything, driving buses, you name it.
Ah...the "closed curtains debate". Mine remained closed all morning and into late afternoon. Night-shift means got to (try) sleep during the day.
Touche DG...eclectic to the end...although EBTG may be stretching a point as Ben (from London) and Tracey (Brookmans Park) met and formed EBTG in Hull.
I lived a few doors down on Heathcote Street in 2010/11 during my second year at uni. I had a great time there, and spent a ridiculous sum in the aforementioned Chinese!
Paul Heaton was definitely still resident on Grafton Street during my time in Hull ('92-'96) - a friend of a friend lived next door to him. Not sure if it was the same house though.

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