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20: obviously a monster.
Well, you could also visit Bow Road station for free, as long as you didn't venture beyond the gateline!
'Photos here' link not working on my phone.

dg writes: it's a statement, not a link
20. At one point it contained seats removed from the Olympic stadium as part of the post games transformation. No monsters.
7. Erm the A7 seems to have returned after an extended post Covid break. I’m left wondering whatever happened to the 010 to Cambridge which used to run hourly IIRC. Also wondering why Oxford gets a vastly more frequent London bus service than Cambridge and if it might not just be better to encourage people onto rail, other than in the middle of the night.

11. Maybe they might have more success in whipping up interest in these flats if they mentioned the price.
11. I was surprised to see that the location of the Clocktower apartments are described within the sales brochure as follows "The location of these apartments, next to Victoria Park means that these apartments are ideally positioned for city life"
11) I avoided siting a shelter outside the hospital about 20 years ago, but the person who took over from me was not so culturally sensitive. View of a beautiful building tarnished by modern infrastructure.
10. There's a New Speed Limit sign near me that we're pretty sure has been there well over 20 years. Presumably the related road safety project was signed off as completed and no-one was left responsible for any follow-up.

(am I the only one baffled by the Odds and Evens thing?)
7 - Oxford vs Cambridge, I think it's something to do with there being no National Express service between London and Oxford when they deregulated coaches, so it was open to competition. But this might be me vaguely remembering something incorrectly.
Andrew S - odd and even numbered street addresses. (I think - I used to live nearby and have looked a couple of the addresses up just now).
6 - Not exactly the ultimate possible.

The ultimate would be a pre-exchange (subscriber dialed) number.

Not quite the ultimate would be to have given it as ADVance 6398 - this was one of the exchanges where the exchange letters didn't get directly transcribed to numbers (would have become 238).
A nice snippet of every-day life in an every-day location.

16) my opposite neighbour's tree went up yesterday and is now twinkling evilly through the window at us!
Odds 4: do you have a photo that could be uploaded to the "fixmystreet" website (in the hopes it will be repaired)

Evens 16: Some mediaeval Christian practices start decorations on All Hallows (1st Nov), and some practices keep decorations to Candlemas (early Feb). With some fasting in between the feasting and saints observances in between.
6: On the plus side, both businesses have put the space after 020 and avoided the 0208 trap.
Star Cars current number is missing an 8 in your post, which looking at their website and frontage on Google maps, they seem to place before the space, sorry to disappoint Barrington

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