please empty your brain below

Do you mean spread out between the A40 and the M40?
Probably the A4 and the A40?

With some trepidation I disagree with DG. In my view the best time to visit Burnham Beeches is just after the beech has come into leaf when the leaves has that wonderful light, bright green colour and the ground is covered in bluebells. Usually late April, early May
I think the A40 and the M4 ?
I used to walk here on Sundays out from school, so almost fifty years ago. I hadn't thought about Burnham Beeches since then but am inspired to return when I can get my old car to start.
Christopher Bellew
Thank you! I visited Burnham Beeches by car a year or two ago, and had been wishing there was a way to make a return visit!
Now I can plan a trip without having to rely on others.
I've settled on "between the A40 and the A4", although whether it's the A4 or the M4 is debatable. [map]

Anyway, it's definitely not "between the A40 and the A40", thanks.
Does The Nile run near Egypt (Bucks)?
Yes, this brief stream rises on the edge of Egypt Woods.
Gerrards Cross! My family home from 1958-82. The main road through the "village" is not the High Street but Packhorse Road, named after the pub at one end. I worked as a postman out of the sorting office in Packhorse Road for a few months after leaving university.

dg writes: I've lower-cased it, thanks.
Interesting to see the Nile, rather puny as it may appear: I've heard it said that the Serpentine in Hyde Park is partly filled from Burnham Beeches, the River Westbourne no longer being enough to keep the lake full.
The people of Gerrards Cross appear to have embraced the store they so repudiated

I suspect not. Tesco never wanted to open a store at Gerrards Cross as such. They wanted to continue with large out-of-town stores but a nationwide change in planning rules thwarted that. So they twigged that they could open a large store in a small town or village (Gerrards Cross is little more than a village) with a large car park and this would almost achieve the same thing whilst being within the letter (if not the spirit) of the latest planning rules.

Apparently, they had identified over a hundred sites where they could build over a railway line but the Gerrards Cross tunnel delayed things and then the move was away from huge stores to metro stores so Gerrards Cross is the sole implementation of this grand scheme.

Getting back the the point, I don't think locals use it much and, even if they do, their numbers would not be large enough to sustain the store.
Call me sceptical on that one Pedantic. The Gerrards Cross store is quite small.

Tesco have had no problem building large Extra Stores in existing Town Centres, where there is the space or adding mezzanines to existing stores where needed. Just look at the monster sized Slough store down the road with it's 53 checkouts.

Built on the remains of a smaller Tesco, they just built a massive store on stilts with the parking below.

A solution like Gerrards Cross only works where land values are high and there are heavy restrictions on knocking down existing buildings.

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