please empty your brain below

Ah, the most convoluted of all the £ buses, the E11 hopper is much more fun and unlike any other bus in ealing.

anyway, i'm off to Gunnersbury Park park for my weekly run. Going to jump on an E3 bus to get there...
The Avenue theatre in Northfields Avenue was mainly known as the Odeon Cinema, it was only called the Avenue for four years, 1932-1936 but was an Odeon from 1936 until 1981,since when the building has had various names and uses.
The E3 drops you just shy of the Thames Path's northern stretch and Dukes Meadow. It's a very pleasant walk from there to Hammersmith.
Thoroughly enjoying this series of bus rides,DG,especially today's. I don't usually laugh out loud first thing in the morning! What next? As usual,there's no F ****** bus,particularly on a Sunday around here!😊
My local route when it was run by SMSs - and also the experimental issue of "ticket strips" (carnets).

The plethora of "E" routes in the Castle Bar area is an indicator of how useless the Greenford branch of the railway is - the plans to truncate it at West Ealing instead of running through to Paddington will probably see patronage fall even lower.

Another "59" registration, so the average age is now nearer five than four and a half. Nine miles in 75 minutes is a pathetic 7.2 mph, slower even than central London's C2.
Aggregates are now 43 miles in 3h55, an average of just under 11mph.
In fairness, the journey time is probably still less than the ridiculous ziz-zagging (plus a walk at each end) you'd have to do to make this journey by rail.
You survived the Wall of Death, as the E3 was once known!
TfL reckon Greenford to Chiswick can be done by rail in 62-70 minutes via Shepherd's Bush and Clapham Junction or via Notting Hill Gate, East Putney, and Putney SWT.
Choice of the E3 does put you in a good position to get to the next bus on your intinerary, just five stops down the line
Timbeau- a better comparison would be that you can get from Greenford to Chiswick Park or Turnham Green via Ealing Broadway in half an hour.

DG - I can't believe that you've now ridden the bus from Greenford to almost-Ealing but still haven't travelled on the Greenford branch line and given us your unique view on all those under-used stations.

Indeed, but neither Chiswick Park nor Turnham Green is very near the E3 terminus.

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