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Your very first photo shows an RT driver training bus registration number KYY 615, this was the RT that I learnt to drive on way back in January 1978, and following on from your posts over the past few days my very first time in control of that bus was driving around the North Circular road near to Palmers Green. It bought back some great memories, thank you DG.
Just for the enthusiasts KYY 615 is actually RT 1777 and is preserved and I believe owned by a Mr Richards of Twickenham.
IanVisits went too, of course, and no doubt lots of others. He was also looking at the roof.
There is some thing about double deckers that brings out the child in me.

In my own city I never ride on a bus, but on any trip to London, I ride the top deck. :-D
I went for the roof (although there were too many buses in the way to fully appreciate the space). Ascending the battle bus and going through the bus wash were added bonuses, as was discovering London’s Portuguese community on the walk from Vauxhall to Stockwell.
I was expecting a comment complaining about the emphasis on the concrete roof, to the disadvantage of buses...

Both are fascinating, and described and photographed well here.
Those of us there for the buses (and working on one of the stalls, not flogging free maps, kindly pictured by DG in his panoramic shot) also looked up and across too. The building is gobsmackingly beautiful, if that's not too grand for a bus garage and blocks of concrete. Now why can't architects and designers produce more of this simple, elegant beauty?
I couldn't make it but just knew that you'd be there. Thanks DG.
Not sure if you have seen it, but there some interesting photos of the construction of the garage over here - - the reinforcing rods in the buttresses! The scaffolding!

Incidentally, the quotation from seems to be taken (without attribution) from Wikipedia: see this diff from 2009, tweaking the existing language - - and this earlier one adding the metric/imperial conversions -
Fabulous event! I can appreciate how they showcased the older buses, which probably appear more fantastic with each passing decade.

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