please empty your brain below

(Today's 2nd post is coming up later at the appropriate time)
My money's on today's 2nd post being at 14:30.
Oo, is it about railway franchising?
What time's the PM giving his statement?
I'm equally confident that 14.30 will be the time when the promised additional post arrives.
It might be a quiz ;-)

As a precaution I've already bought my toilet paper, pasta and whiskey.

The canopy above the entrance reminds me of Poirot's moustache, I hope that they don't update the lettering.
Bow Baptist Church of course is open to the public every week not just during Open House. Maybe you will be going again.
I like the subtle, sleek style of the current version of the church building. 5 iterations is rather impressive too, as is the age of that first photo.

As for the promise of a second post, if that doesn't boost visitor numbers and comments, DG, then I don't know what will ;-)
The Victorian chapel photo is amazing - thanks so much for sharing! Interesting to read about the current set-up too.
davews - it may be open every day but if it were me, I would feel uncomfortable entering a building like that out of curiosity on a non-Open House day - a mixture of feeling that I'm wasting their time and fear of getting drawn into a discussion about God. Older (say pre-1800) churches are a different matter, where I think it's a given that most visitors will be there for the architecture/art/history.
What's to fear about being "drawn into a discussion about God"..? Most modern city churches use religion as mere background music to the important social purposes they continue to fulfil in communities. It's only the mildly deluded door-knockers with whom such discussions should be avoided.
Sounds like an interesting community and well-used premises. However I'm another person who would shy away from being drawn into religious discussions mainly because the other parties are often so entrenched in their views and convinced of their own rightness that there is little or no scope for a genuine exchange of views.
It's never a 'waste of time' to go into any religious building at any time or for any reason.
I'm glad opportunities like this exist. It's never a waste of time to learn about other faiths and cultures at the grass-roots level.
If there's only two things that are taken away from such visits it is that they are all very community facing & welcoming, and that they are all have much more in common with each other than not. Something many people today would do well to learn.

I went to Sir Richard Burton’s mausoleum and it was the sparsest attended Open House I can remember. Again, somewhere I wouldn’t just have walked to.

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