please empty your brain below

See that HMS Belfast engine room? My grandad built that.

A mate of mine rented the boat out in the evening for his 50th, with nosh in the Captain's wardroom and tours provided by ex-Belfast sailors. That was cool.

Great to visit - I was particularly amused to read that the guns are trained on Scratchwood services at the bottom of the M1 (and have the range to hit them). Also distressed to learn that some louts had recently thrown the ship's cat overboard and that it had perished.

I can't believe you neglected to mention the ships's most important historical role: starring (with the band onboard) in the video to Depeche Mode's People are People

Borough Market for lunch? I hope you didn't get too squashed by the heaving crowds of wannabe foodies...

Your Geezership (no pun intended)

I sang on the Belfast sometime in the 80s with a big band. It was great fun but just one of those things.



One of those crazy things?

I am very familiar with pictures of this ship as a photographic magazine had offices on the other bank. They used it to test lenses and every issue had a dozen or more pictures of bits of the vessel.

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