please empty your brain below

No, I haven't been. Please tell me more.
It's actually in Newham
It's probably reasonable for highly populated urban entities to lease or buy somewhere else as their burial ground. The Square Mile doing this is really natural.

I wonder whether there are other London boroughs doing the same.
Not only used by people from the City of London, most of my family who where born in the East End (what is now called Fish Island to be exact) ended up here.
Have I been there? yes to attend a funeral.
Yes, I've been: it was several years ago but it was a London Open House weekend which made it 'access all areas' including a tour of the crematorium.
One recollection that stands out was the number of memorials commemorating bulk reburials from other cemeteries, which had needed to be cleared, often as a result of being in the way of new railway building.
My parents and other relatives are buried there. Also 3 of jack the ripper's victims. You can find 2 of their plaques in the beautiful memorial rose garden. It is an oasis of peace in the heart of urban East London.
We have a couple of these 'extramural' cemeteries out here in Hanwell in West London. Permitted by various 1850s Burial Acts, we've got a City of Westminster cemetery and a Kensington and Chelsea cemetery right next to each other, both opened at about the same time as the City of London one. The Westminster one was part of Lady Porter's notorious deal in the 1980s to sell off all their cemeteries to private companies for about 5 pence each, but when they fell into decline and disrepair, the council felt obliged to buy them back - for several million pounds.
Yes been quite a few times, family and work colleagues. interesting place.
My nan worked there in the front office for many years. She got my dad a job there cutting the grass, which he enjoyed as they had a ride-on mower.

Both are now dead but only he is buried there.
I attended a great-aunt's cremation a few years ago and have visited the offices to find the locations of plots where other relatives are buried. I strongly recommend having the exact date of death if you intend visiting the offices as the massive registers are in chronological order.
I have been there many times a year since 2009 when my son was laid to rest. The baby garden is a very peaceful place which enables me to be alone if I so wish.
Went for a look today. I completely agree - it's a great place. Can't believe I haven't been before.

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