please empty your brain below

Nice write up. One thing I recall from the Media Cafe view is that you can see that the BBC Weather presentation screen has a rather smart custom screen-saver.

I'm shocked you didn't do a "selfie" with the Dalek...
You should be able to get to the media cafe and BBC Shop without going on a tour. Just ask the security people and put all your belongings through the scanner. I understand that the BBC has to give access as they took over a public right of way when they extended Broadcasting House.
I seem to remember going on a tour of Broadcasting House many years back I think it was s part of the London Open House Weekends. This of course was the old building before all the restoration and new building extensions.
At the time you were shown the entrance lobby, the council chamber above the lobby where an actor appeared and gave an impression of Lord Reith addressing a meeting.
Then though a labyrinth of corridors, past the Radio 2 studio, and into the Radio Theatre, where the Compton organ console was on display and a few notes played on it. That tour was free.
That'd be the end of time when DG does a selfie.
no, he quite possibly did a selfie, but he won't share it with us
It might not fit your image of a studio, but the radio theatre *is* a studio - just a rather large one! The control room (with a nice sound desk) is behind a window at the back.

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