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As you walked along the front between the yacht clubs and the marina did you see the house with the big window shaped like a sail? I did that I did! Made a change from selling normail double glazing!

dg writes: this one? absolutely!

I defy anyone to read this post and *not* want to visit. A lovely write up and looks like perfect weather for it too.

Burnham's lovely. If I lived there and commuted to London I'd just be worried about the railway line getting a reduction in train service, or even being really is an incongruous line to have survived Beeching (and all because of Bradwell power station), especially given that somewhere nearby no less charming, and a bit larger, Maldon, lost BOTH of its branch lines...

Dengie as a whole is quite amazing though - those big open skies, desolate coastline, the old 6th Century chapel at Bradwell well warrants a trip IMHO. And Tillingham is indeed a really rather pretty village

Be warned though, if you ever did decide that you weren't absolutely definitely not moving, certain of the villages of the peninsula (not naming any, but a couple in the very north of the area spring to mind) kind of have a reputation of not being welcoming to outsiders... Though I too have vaguely thought about moving out that way...

A very interesting post and I shall definatly now have to vist the Railway museum at Mangapps, I myself spent yesterday just the other side of the River crouch exploring a place called Paglesham.

Missing an http in "A couple of large sheds..."

dg writes: Fixed now, thanks.

Otherwise, good write-up, and I had absolutely no idea that Mangapps existed.

This another site that has gone on the list of places to visit while in the UK.

I need to go back to Bradwell sometime, not least for 7th century St Peter's Chapel, but there are only three buses a day at weekends so it'll need very careful timing.

Hi DG. Yes, that was the house. Nice to see the picture of the finished house. It was still being built last time I saw it.

Great post. I lived in Burnham for a number of years when l was a kid, and as such, it had mixed blessings. Sure, it was a safe place to grow up in but as l got older it felt like the back of beyond. Nothing to do, no where to go, boring, boring, boring! Burnham is a one road town; if the old Muddy River is not your scene and your lifestyle requires an injection of culture over and beyond the limitations of an Amateur Dramatics Society, my advice is to look elsewhere! Nice to visit though.

Right, that's bank holiday weekend sorted. As ever, thanks DG...

Said yacht-window house is currently on sale via rightmove for a 'cool' £1.4m.

Great piece DG. My parents lived in Burnham for several years and I enjoyed my visits there. St Peter's Chapel in Bradwell is worth a visit next time. It is lovely in summer but the Dengie Peninsula can be quite bleak in Winter, but the big skies are amazing. I would commend the Rio cinema, locally known as the Fleapit, to everyone. £3 to get in, bargain! I think your link might be wrong though, to the Ritz in Burnham on Sea.

dg writes: Oops, sorry, wrong Burnham. I can't seem to find a 'proper' website for the Rio cinema, though.

I think you were not being really fair to South Woodham Ferrers, I know it's fairly new but it's a decent place to live. I moved there about 30 years ago from London chasing an affordable mortgage and am really glad I did. The air's clean, I walk about 150 yards from my home and I'm right on to the footpath by a tidal creek on the River Crouch, and in those 30 years I have not been a victim of crime. Also I have access to all the things noted on your post and the comments.

Being inspired to go to Burnan-on- Crouch after reading dg's blog I went yesterday, 1st June.
Having a Freedom Pass I made the journey at no cost in my case.
Tube to Holborn, then Central Line to Epping, bus from Epping to Ongar, bus from Ongar to Chelmsford, bus from Chelmsford to Burnam-on-Crouch.
Return was slightly different, as from Chelford I took a bus to Romford, then train and tube home.
Made a nice day out, but not a place I would choose to go to too often.

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