please empty your brain below

If they do decide to keep the upper length of the river permanently flooded, then I think that will be a shame.

Living next to a somewhat larger river, I enjoy the tidal flows in a way that I wouldn't have imagined before I moved here.

If the low-tide mud flats are covered in abandoned flotsam, then the solution is simple - get on the wellies and clean up the area.

Not only does wildlife benefit from a tidal flow, but the constant changes in river height will make the area vastly more interesting to live next to.

Hey DG do you realise that one of your readers actually put the funding case together? Guilty! Much of what you say is true, but there are numerous other benefits from the lock including preventing sewage floating upstream through the Olympic Park! It will certainly be a great legacy for the future, and its not too late for it to be used for more construction traffic. Not least, all of those new homes will have to be built from something, and their waste will need to be taken away.

I don't know why they didn't build the lock at Leamouth where the Lea joins the Thames. Then the whole river would be permanently navigable. Of course we'd lose that nice little water flow under House Mill at Three Mills at low tide, but it's not much of a loss.

Thanks for the Tower Hamlets Core Strategy document, DG. Fish Island North, South, East and Mid. I think they will need their own MP.

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