please empty your brain below

Thank you. I was baffled by the huge puddle on the footpath and wet cobbles. I assumed some filming requiring water had happened at Three Mills Studios.
You got Dangleway to catch on, why not supermoontides?

I'm assuming they're also responsible for some initiations into the Putney High Tide Club.
The group of cyclists baffle me, in terms of risk, they are happy to ride alongside a canal, but cycling through a shallow puddle is out of the question.
Syzygy is also an excellent word to play in both Hangman and Scrabble (if using a blank tile for the third Y).
As a student in the area I used to regularly see cars stranded on the slipway by the tide at Richmond!

It's also fun to watch the tide creep up and down the lower windows from inside the Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

It's am amazing renewable resource that should be better harnessed.
"Three police officers"...on foot-patrol?! that must be rarer than a "supermoontide"
Cyclists are reluctant to cycle through puddles, because potholes under the surface become invisible. Such circumstances have led to injuries or even fatalities.
...or just getting stuck in mud and having to put your foot down in several inches of water to steady yourself. Been there far too often!
I'd agree with you both if it was deep water or I was travelling at speed, both your examples could also apply to riding on grass, or snow, but this is a tarmac path with at best 2 inches of water, you can see the other end of the path, I'd have just gone through at slow speed, if it was all flooded as far as I could see then I'd think better of it.

Different people have different risk profiles, I always went riding in the woods, where there was lots of mud, tree routes and planks of wood across streams to catch out the unwary - but that was the whole point.
This was a large group of primary school age cyclists. What they would do, and what you would do, are likely very different.
I remember a time quite a few years ago when I was on a walk with my parents along the Three Mill Rivers. At a dip in the path we saw that the tide was just starting to impinge upon it. Later, when we came back the other way, we found a couple of feet of water across the path and so had to take a diversion!
Thanks for a fascinating post DG

I think it’s rather wonderful that in spite of mankind’s attempts to manage and control nature, it still finds ways of getting the better of us, albeit in this case, temporarily, till the tide goes out.
Syzygy? Sounds like the name of a full back in the Czechoslovakia football team in the 50's!
A rising tide lifts all as did this post this particular piece of flotsam, thanks.

Some oh-so precious puddle pondering jetsam in the comments above made me laugh and then despair. Well-meaning they may be, but Heaven help us if these risk-averse creatures dared to venture downstream to the wilds of rural tidal Essex. What chance the exceptionally patient little kids in later life, if nary a one dared to splash on regardless, grazing a knee on the 'sea wall' en passant?
One of your best articles yet. I absolutely love that the generally poorly understood principles of our amazing solar system can be demonstrated so neatly and in such a clear simple way. I wish my teachers had had a tenth of your ability to explain big stuff simply. Well done!

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