please empty your brain below

25 is the Downing Street account?
Half of my Twitter these days is consumed by the great social media war of the 2020s. Many of these are people I followed ages ago, in the halcyon days before The Great SM War, but they’ve now turned both barrels on each other. Some of them now don’t tweet about anything else.

In my view, both sides are half right and half wrong, but I don’t see any sign of compromise from either. At some point I’m going to have to unfollow the lot of them…
For once, I have no idea what you are talking about.
I agree with Kev. I have no idea what you’re talking about, sorry. I’ve led a sheltered life.
23 is Feagal Sharkey.
I agree with Kev and Neesi. The Persons quoted by dg mostly seem to have a desire to demomstrate vacuity, and Dan's comments mean less to me than the average bolx.
‘I don’t understand this but I’m going to wade in anyway’ is a very common Twitter thing.
The only SM I'm on is Facebook, and that's only once a day to keep in touch with far-flung friends!
I've never seen the appeal of Twitter - who needs to know every thought passes though someone's brain.

Even the evening news is becoming more that I can handle again - day after day of speculation followed by day after day of recap/analysis once the speculation is over!
I'm with CC regarding the news, even the early evening news
I'd really welcome some reassurance that @Person7 is not Pritti Patel, nor any other politician.
Dump @Person18, 4 wins on the trot, how can they do better? Do a Liverpool Bournemouth every week? I hope @Person7 isn't Therese Coffey!
I log into FB about once a month and get bored within seconds. It’s mostly reposts of memes.

As CC says, the daily news is mostly speculation but I’d also add there’s a lot of rehashing of twitter (because that’s where all the journalists are), and a lot of vox pops presenting the uninformed opinion of people found on the street as information.
I suspect I'm person 6.
Have you seen my dog? It's lovely.
I think you have just invented a brilliant board game for everyone's Christmas stocking this, er, Christmas. All you need is a triacontagon spinner or an equivalent die. And yes, I did need to Google to find it is triacontagon.
I don't think I'm focused enough to be #30
Who could forget the down-in-the-mouth ITN News at 5.40 replacing the larky News at 5.45?
Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, none of the 30 people have recognised themselves.
Not sure if I identify more as Person16 or Person18.

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