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The Eastway Cycle Circuit in Leyton was decanted to Hog Hill, near Hainault Lodge in Redbridge("nearest" tube Fairlop) to make way for the Olympics,but a newt colony has been slowing development in Hainault.

PS, dg, did you track down on Sylvia Pankhurst's former land the stone bomb memorial
, not far from Churchill's?

Was there anything about it in the Redbridge museum? I must visit the exhibition now myself.

I read all about Sylvia's stone bomb memorial at the exhibition in Redbridge Museum, but there were no clues precisely where in Woodford it was so I never spotted it.

Thanks for this, great read, dg - I know Cricklefield, but had absolutely no idea about its Olympics heritage!

Enjoyable to see you wander around some of my old Wanstead and Woodford 'stomping ground' (days of a Nr 10 bus route to those parts) - it was fun to look at your flickr stream from this visit and you picked some good spots for pictures - the train stations look really good in your pix.

I wondered when you started whether you'd get to Churchill on Woodford Green, over the years the statue has had varied painterly adaptations.

Sylvia's monument is by the Horse and Well pub, near to the big Hills of Woodford Garage on the High Road. I shall have to take an 'update' wander around there myself to include the museum (which I didn't know existed until I read your blog entry)

I have seen this Eastway Cycle Circuit a long time ago, a little bit impressed...

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