please empty your brain below

Oh no. Not again.
I am ready to Life Coach you.
We can work on this.
Yes we can.

Yes we can.

Oh no. Not another person jumping on the 'life coaching' bandwagon. I trust you are properly qualified to be offering this Strandman?

So, the February Mystery Count stays at zero, then?

Another request for ad banner placement on these pages?

Do you think they may boil your bunny if you keep saying 'no'.

I think someone's trying to get into DG's knickers.

How about saying you don't understand english? I have found that works wonders and by the time they realise you said it in english you are far away.

Just stop it will you.

Trying saying that you've got a headache. It works for me.

Fully qualified coach (20 years) and on no bandwagon!
BSc (hons) PGCE MBA
Life coach diploma, NLP diploma
I do it for free as well!
We are not all charlatans- although some clearly are. The answer is clealry out there.

Strandman - I had a feeling you'd say that... I was just making a point though. But - did the terminology 'life coach' exist 20 years ago or is it more recent nasty American terminology?

However, as someone similary qualified (give or take an MBA and LC diploma and adding a couple of other M-level professional qualifications), I can assure you that DG really doesn't need 'life coaching'. He really is genuinely the happiest person I know.

Are you sure?


Update: Some people do take No for an answer

s/he's history then.

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