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Freud as a finger puppet! There's something Freudian in that!

Am I detecting that DG is something of a Freud fan?

BTW, the clock is wrong on the comments - I make it an hour and five minutes fast.

dg writes: Haloscan has always run five minutes fast. And at the moment it's running an extra hour fast for American Daylight Saving Time.

Untackiness? How tacky is wearing a pair of slippers with the face of an old man looking up yer skirts?

Why not make Fulham Palace as part of a toffs sporting day out this Sunday?
The Varsity football match is a Fulham FC, Craven Cottage, 11.30am this Sunday. (Admission is £8 for this mind). But the nearby Fulham Palace is open til 3.30pm & free according to their website. And you can then watch the Boat Race glide past, if you can find a spot, at 3.40pm.

The Freudian Slippers and finger puppets are made by a company called The Unemployed Philosophers' Guild who have a large selection of Freudiana on their site.

As Dimetre Martin says, "'Finger puppets' sounds okay as a noun...".

What's a "jamjar moment"?

When he's got a motor...jamjar=car!

My jamjar emerges every three months or so. And it's not a car.

Good ol' Sigmund. I like the pun behind the Freudian Slippers. Still, I wonder what Freud would have made of himself as a slipper, or indeed a finger puppet?

Greatest mind that ever lived?????????

DG, you need to read some modern critiques of Freud's work fast. Start with this one:

As Eysenck put it very nicely, "that which was new was not true, and that which was true was not new".

Most psychology departments don't even teach his work any more, it is not a requirement by the British Psychological society. The only university academics that take his work seriously are some of the more avant guarde sociologists, and some people who teach literary criticism.

It's odd, but the Freud Museum failed to mention that its former owner was a discredited junkie plagiarist.

Useless London Factoid - Freud's house would have been demolished to build Ringway One, the innermost of London's four orbital motorway schemes.

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