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The £15 three month trial Art Pass looks like excellent value for money if you can recoup the cost in a day.
We did exactly the same and also still got sent Art Pass cards for this year without the money being taken. Haven't tried to use it.
I see quite a lot of art exhibitions around London and find the Art Pass very useful for that. And value for money. Even though I also have a Tate membership.

Rather disappointing though is that the Royal Academy usually just gives you £1 off on their big blockbuster shows (strangely the smaller the show the bigger the chance it is 50% off).
I think the idea is that once you have the Art Pass you hesitate less to go to Exhibitions or Museums, so your consumption augments (and also your consumption of food and souvenirs, that are not or less discounted). It certainly works for me as I go to exhibitions for half-price that I would deem insufficient value for money/time/experience at full price.
Also a couple (called double) pass yields more, if applicable, because the discounts are the same but the price of the couple Art Pass is less than 2*single.
I only have NT and EH passes and once again I've failed to recoup the ever increasing cost of them!

At this point I think I'll just consider it an annual donation to those organisations and if I ever visit anything it'll be a bonus!
I've kept mine going for years, not particularly for the art, but for the Museum of London, Maritime Museum nearly every time, and the BM once a year or so. I see a lot more museums outside London than you do too. The magazine is handy for briefing you on what's on, if a bit high-brow.

I also have EH, NT and HHA, so its rare to find a place with no discount.
In the Netherlands where I live there is a Museum Card scheme. It’s EUR65 for a year, for free entry into 400 museums here. I think not all are completely free but I’ve not had to pay so far. It pays off in less than 4 visits to one of the major museums in Amsterdam.. it seems like a good deal, I probably break even or win most years. And it’s quite motivating. I read that 1.4million dutchies have the card, which is about 10% of the population.
We have a joint Art Card and visit exhibitions on artists we know very little about, i.e. Man Ray - several years ago - and last year Joaquín Sorolla which give us a whole new artist to learn about and admire. We also visit galleries outside London when on holiday in the UK.

We have also visited Wrest Park, The Rangers House at Greenwich and Dorich House after reading your blog, and will try and fit in Chatham Dockyard too this year!

The card is very good value for money and we more than recoup the annual membership fee.
Last year's introductory post included an invitation for +1s to come along. It left me wondering all year whether many readers offered.
I used my art pass once last year, for shame, and had a nasty shock when they sent me the new one this morning. It was when googling about whether I could back out of the payment that I stumbled upon this post, and sure enough it seems like they've made a mistake - result.
But the best result was stumbling upon your blog again after a ten year hiatus, so pleased you're still up and running and pumping out strong content. Will try to keep up from now on.
A letter from Art Pass arrived in the post today, including a paid-for return envelope.

I thought they were going to ask for my new card back, but instead they urged me to sign up by Direct Debit for another year and offered me 25% off to do so.

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