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How very sad :

Thanks for reminding me how grim London can be. Although, I do love the grimness.

One weekend,quite a few years ago,some members of the cycle club were feeling rather exhausted en route back to London so we dumped them at this welcoming BR sign. Oh dear.

It can't compete with the Piccadilly line station nearby.

A few years ago some bright commuter spotted that Chiltern Railways were in breach of their franchise agreement by not providing this station with a peak-hour service of not more than 80 minutes apart based on arrival time at Marylebone. One gap was 82 minutes. The rail company's solution ? Retime (according to the public timetable) the arrival time at Marylebone of the earlier train for two minutes later. In reality nothing changed.

It's funny that desolate stations such as Sudbury & Harrow Road survive, while seemingly more important stations such as Broad Street have closed. However, some people clearly use it, otherwise it would have closed long ago, probably under the Beeching Axe in the 1960s.

Perhaps there were plans to close this station, but community uproar has made Network Rail think otherwise?

I moved into the area couple of years ago and use this station everyday. Just 10 minutes to Marylebone (or thereabouts) and then the rest of the journey by tube. Definitely beats getting the Piccadilly line all the way (standing squashed with the rest and long delays as the driver decides to stop and wait just outside Acton Town).

It would go good to have a more frequent service, but what we do get is better than nothing.

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