please empty your brain below

OT but much more fun (IMHO ) Galloway's on Question Time tonight.

I love squeezing in through the grill and running for the train, whilst LU staff with walkie-talkies track your progress down to the platform. And a smiling staff member is standing next to the train, "holding" a door open for your party. You run aboard, flop down, the doors close and the train departs.
There is something exhilarating about being on that last train...

I see those first trains quite often, then again, I have to or I can't open the station.

Seeing as I'm not to far away from Baker Street the first eastbound passenger train through my station is at 05:01 which goes to Aldgate.

The first westbound through my station departs Farringdon at 05:08 and leaves my station around 05:15.

in NY the subways run ALL NIGHT

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