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Barking up the wrong tree, dg
Those bin numbers have been put on the fronts of the bins, right where they'll rub against the rubber buffer on the bin lorry, so they'll have worn off in about a year.

I eventually decided the best place to put the number is on top of the lid, then it can be seen from any angle, and it doesn't rub against anything.
I'd interpret that sign as 'go this way to see ducks taking off'.
Interesting snippets.
It just shows how when you don't know any different, it is easy to believe what you read must be factual.
Wise choice to not do research on this one. I looked up the racetrack and found myself wading through prime salivating architectural bolx. It's supposed to be a "play street", and with that in mind it developers seemed to have opted for a budget version.
That sign could mean 'if bird takes off, run in opposite direction'.

My solution to bin numbering was an old tin of paint and a paintbrush.
Very interesting. I hope Footpath 47 is preserved in its current state. I learnt of it through your blog (thank you) and have visited many times since.
I'd interpret the sign as: "Water fowl ahead, Samba dance lessons to the left"
What was interesting last Sunday at Barking Riverside was that the people who stand outside some stations with religious pamphlets were dutifully there even though the footfall was tiny!

I took time out from my work there to wander out on footpath 47 - although I was driven back by the freezing temperatures.

One issue with the new station is that the service status Wonderwall (aka ESUB) is tiny and so high up that it is virtually unreadable, for me at least.
If there's a number 3 or number 8, those bins could get lost...
Can see all sorts of economic and access reasons for moving Smithfield from its current location, but still can’t help feeling it’s another blow to London’s individuality and character. After the fruit and veg moved out, Covent Garden was for a while a refreshing home for individual shops and craftspeople but all too soon taken over by corporate interests and turned into another identikit tourist “hub” (Borough Market similarly). Presumably this will be Smithfield’s fate as well, once even the remaining pubs and small retail butchers turn into cocktail bars and chain restaurants.
Am sure you will be equally coolly sanguine if and when Romford Market closes due to an out-of-town development.
A belated thank you for a DG special about my borough on my birthday!

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