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I'd like to apologise to my Dad, who was likely spluttering on his breakfast coffee by the end of the second paragraph.
I kind of mid-read this and was like “all the places in London where I’ve had sex” followed by “6 pm, Leicester Square” and was like wow, that’s brave lol :)
What a great little tale there DG....

The synchronised sleeping patterns.... i thought it was only me that thought that !
I've not had many mornings where I've woken up in far-flung unfamiliar beds, but the first occasion was in Kirkcaldy - so the trip home involved a train over the Forth Bridge (also a first for me) on a lovely sunny morning on my way back to Glasgow. In retrospect, it does seem to be the more memorable part of that dalliance.
If I had known diamondgeezer was in the mood for such revelatory prose, I would have suggested my idea for 'local history month' which I would suggest calling 'Bow ners' (geddit, as Private Eye would say) - dg goes on and writes up 5 Tinder dates with fellow residents of E3
Now, look what you have done ... I will spend the entire day reminiscing along these same lines, and my mystery count up to 1990 was very impressive but since 2012 has been zero annually...cheers
I'm really going to miss 'August is local history month'.
It's not only your Dad who's doesn't know where to look....
The travelcard - haha.
If there isn't a blue plaque on the house to mark that momentous occasion, there should be.
My first cider session as a student in Somerset turned out to be not only extremeley adventurous but ultimately equally regrettable. Progression to bottles of Becks does not sound much of an adventure.
...oh those were the days!
Excellent post (one of your best ever); very good, enjoyable writing in my opinion. Not only because of the sex bits.

My recollection of the nineties was that one day travelcards weren't accepted on night buses. But my recollection of the nineties is patchy at best.
DG carefully avoids using pronouns that could give away the sex of his lover. All part of his "mysterious man of mystery" persona...
DG carefully avoided any reference whatsoever to the other person during the entire post.

There's not even a we, let alone a he, she or they.
This is not how I’d have had sex. 😋
Wow. Not what I normally expect from you DG. What other revelations have you got in store for us.
Cantley Gardens was built on the site of a 1944 V1 rocket explosion. There were four such attacks in very close proximity here and the Church in nearby Auckland Road, which was badly damaged, still has the shrapnel scars on its frontage today.
What a remarkably personal topic for Diamond Geezer I thought. Yesterday's post being much more usual type of milestone! Worried it would be in bad taste, but as I read realised he still didn't give too much away. Phew
I can't but help notice the lack of focus on the carefully preserved travelcard - and not even the hint of a crease.
This was of course the week after the N2's allocation...

A really innovative use of "of course".

I thought night buses all started from Trafalgar Square then (unless that was earlier).
Issuing station - 0554 - Croxley
My personal version of Cantley Gardens was Bensham Manor Road in Thornton Heath. I was living in Harrow at the time and it felt like I had agreed to travel to France on the night bus.
Oh dear. This is almost as bad as realising that your parents have had sex...
I find it funny for someone quickly jumping to conclusion on a certain annual curiosity among this blog's readers.

What interests me most is how the N2 bus was dispatched. From DG's writing this route seemed to be serving the south, yet the garages mentioned are on the other side of the city.
While I admire and respect you for your excellent and really interesting site, interesting even to someone who is Downunder who is interested in England and public transport, you are now humanised. Looking forward to hearing more.
I am clutching my pearls right now.
What a lovely story. By my standards, you have done well to remember the exact address. Much as I also have a sharp eye for detail, it's not clear enough to recall my first ExSite in Fitzroy, on my first night in Melbourne, where I wound up instead of my cousin's a few miles away in St. Kilda. For being in a completely alien city, tram tracks (and not for the last time in this regard), provided confident navigation back to the centre of town the next morning, on an intriguing walk during which I had nothing but some money and the clothes I had on to my name. It was a wonderful thing.

I do like an 'away fixture' - it adds to the ExSite-ment. (Ducks for cover now)
This is probably the last thing I would have expected to come up in Local History Month!
The most debauched night I've ever had (and there have been a few) culminated in my emergence into the daylight, right opposite the very place I first moved into with my now (and by then too) ex-wife. Two worlds collided in that moment on Lexham Gardens W8. Ouch.
@patrickov,: Between 1984 and 199i5 the N2 ran across London from North Finchley to Crystal Palace
(even when the post is about sex, you can always rely on timbo to chip in and correct a reader's knowledge of the London bus network)
excellent post - had me smiling all the way :)

like the second commenter - the photo of the cinema at the start made me gulp ... before i read the text !

i like the way the travelcard is not just uncreased, but not even faded ... such dedicated preservation.
If J.L Carr were still alive, I would pester him to produce an edition of this post as one of his Quince Tree Press 'pocket books.' If Betjamin were alive I'd have him ghost it in the style of 'Summoned'. Instead, the only suitable thing to do is to get TfL to produce it as a fold out tourist leaflet. The first in a series..
As I read this, I became very aware of the fact that the only time I've ever had an overnight, occasionally-sleeping, occasionally-sexing stay was with the woman that I'm currently married to. Essentially, I stayed over and haven't left. Does that make me a bad over-night guest?
Imagine, dear (regular) reader, if this were the first DG post you'd ever read...!
Don’t know about anyone else but my impression of DG has permanently changed.

For the better I should add.
Uniquely for Local History Month 2019, DG has not yet labelled this particular series unsustainable.
The comment from Jane at 1:27 might just be the best comment ever on this blog!
I've spent most of the day in a kind of reverie, still adjusting to the idea that a conversation that covered the unpromising topics of "cranes, lemons and the career of Leslie Crowther" could have ended up in the sack. I can only imagine that you must have been an astonishingly handsome chap DG!
When you told the bus conductor we wanted to go all the way, I thought you meant...….
Tomorrows' (or future revelation) the knee trembler at Bus stop M! A brave post today DG
Usually, the pleasure occasioned by the act itself is not the only benefit accruing from sex with a new partner. There is also the chance that a mutually beneficial long term relationship might result.

Even though that clearly didn't happen here, the chance that it might have done should be put on the credit side of the account, alongside the bus ride, park visit etc.
Your dad was not spluttering over his cornflakes (or even his Shredded Wheat). Perhaps he is even more open-minded than you've ever realised.
I have just been waiting till this evening to read all the interesting comments.
DG, you are a dark horse indeed.
At this time I was living less than 50 metres away in a maisonette on Sylvan Road.
So it got me thinking, did I make an entry in my pocket diary for this date? After a rummidge in the back of the wardrobe - yes, I was at a friends party in Belvedere Road.
I do remember going home in the early hours 'empty handed'!
But spending 20 mins skimming through the diary brought back a number of good memories. Thanks
It's good to see the focus on the almost-virginal Travelcard in these comments. I had briefly pondered whether the card's subtle references to THIS SIDE UP and OFF PEAK - let alone (THEYDON) BOIS - were of any relevance to this record of the era before, er, contactless.
Have you read, or been reading, Barbara Pym 'Quartet in Autumn' by any chance?
Very nostalgic, great read, we need more!
I could say the same, Steven. Glad there are still a few of us around.
Given that so many boroughs converge at Crystal Palace, I'm curious to know which one Cantley Gardens might be in.

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