please empty your brain below

For an unused stretch of new cycle lane, it's looking decidedly ropey already!
It'll probably close again for resurfacing about the time the rest of it is finished!
That is the first time in months I think you've something positive about the Cycle Superhighway in Bow!
Looks a better design than some of the other CS2 ones, closer to the Cambridge design. Importantly the shelter is to the front, so pedestrians wanting to cross are visible to cyclists and can see cyclists.
Oh dear, it doesn't look like the drainage has been sorted out.

With, what looks like a puddling area, cyclists are in for a 'water splash' moment!
@Petras409 - Well, the cyclists might have a splashing time riding down their new cycle-stream but it is the pedestrians walking or waiting on the pavement that are going to be trapped....sprayed by cyclists on one side and motor vehicles on the other.

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