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I think Morrisons introduced restrictions first, but most (if not all) of the others have joined them, also my local supermarket seems to be enforcing the mask restrictions with more enthusiasm.
A total of 1700 people die in the UK every day.
Only 40 people die with, but not necessarily because of covid every day.
Covid cases are 99.9% healthy people with no or only mild symptoms.
Government’s own figures say 75000 will die because of Lockdown.
Tony is right, of course. Our local hospital (a large one) has zero covid cases at the present.

But imagine the storm of protest if the authorities (and I include the Government, but it is not them alone) chose to ignore the problem altogether. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
Outside queuing is going to be such a joy this winter.
At the start of the lockdown we were seeing several hundred people die of Covid each day. We are currently seeing low but rising numbers of Covid deaths but deaths are a lagging indicator. There is a gap of several weeks between rising cases, rising hospitalisations and rising deaths. If we hadn't locked down and just let it spread, we'd have seen tens of thousands of people off sick or worse throughout the country which could have seen widespread issues with food supply and other essential services.
I was only 1 in 1968, but I wonder whether there were food shortages etc in the major flu outbreak that year.

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