please empty your brain below

Slidey bridge webcam non-operational at 8:05

Well done! But you still might find it hasnt budged unless you include soya and more porridge which as far as I know are the only things proven to actually lower cholesterol as opposed to not increasing it.

And is it worth it? Life is for living, not to see how far you can get.

Bugger. Checked your blog just after 9pm my time (10am yours)and the bridge seems to be already safely in position (well at least all the blokes in orange vests standing under it appear to have faith in it).

Enjoy your porridge ... I had a late lunch of eggs benedict.


Oh dear. Maybe if you get your cholesterol down enough, you can go into maintenance mode with the odd treat of chocolate (surely the cruelest cut of all). And you may even start to like porridge in the end... (FWIW I love it, but - at the risk of starting a new round of porridge recipes in the comments - I make it with the addition of desiccated coconut which is probably verboten)

slidy bridge webcam = "no video"

tfl just getting it right again... sigh!

Mmmm ... button mushrooms ...

Keep it up DG, you're doing great.

I'm not sure what's more impressive, the bridge lift operation or your not eating any choc over easter. Well done anyway.

In the US, Cheerios is marketed as lowering cholesterol levels. A possible alternative?

This has nothing to do with HDL or LDL but - fcuk - what you gonna do about it?




I salute your chocolate resisting powers. I had a similar porridge related conversation with my dad a couple of weeks ago, he's on cholesterol medication, seems to be less than compliant with his diet and complains that he's lardy. I've emailed your diet sheet to him.

I can't believe you have given up creme eggs! And in my local Sainsbury's they've got loads at 10p each!

Sorry DG, my comment above broke one of the cardinal rules of t'interweb - never post when pist.

Of course, if you have a magic wand and can actually do something to reverse yet more obfuscation by the DfT, then please do!

Oh, and congratulations on taking so well to the new regime and on the weight loss! And yes, I am very impressed by the chocolate avoidance. Good work fella.

Wow. I am most definitely very well impressed by the diet adherence and only slightly jealous of the weight loss.

Now when will you accept my offer off a night in the Shires with Aduki Bean Stew with Millet Mash? I love ex-Dr Gillian

I'm very very very impressed by the adherence to the diet. Personally, I'd be hoping that it didn't make the blind bit of difference... But then again, I don't think I would have had your willpower.

Did anyone suggest adding a spoonful of grounf walnut to your porridge? Calms it down during the cooking process and provides beneficial HDL cholesterol to the eating/digestion process...

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