please empty your brain below

Well done and thank you. I sometimes look at the tracking data of people looking at your Blogg. I find myself as occasionally it locates me in a different part of the UK. It is also interesting to note that some people still use IE6 and Windows 98
Girl with a one track mind - and it sure ain't the Hainault loop.
Good work. On my laptop your blog almost always occupied an open tab and a toolbar bookmark in Firefox. It's read every day at breakfast, and if for some reason that doesn't happen, there's a shortcut on my phone for reading on the bus. Love it :-)
I can't remember how I found your blog,DG, but I thank you for all your interesting work. It is my breakfast read too,much better than the tv news programmes. But,I noticed this morning that you posted the blog at 5.00 am. Somewhere good to go to today? Or couldn't you sleep?😴😴
4 million and 5 million both in April 2014? Surely some mistake.

dg writes: Well obviously yes. Many of my daily visitors are only here to spot the errors.

I'm glad you clarified what arseblog was about!

But I wonder how many of your visitors are double-counted because of visits from different IP addresses - home, mobile, (maybe even work - sssh!)
Thanks for the daily dose of something interesting and the whimsical variety of it.

Can't remember how I found you either, probably from another blog that has long since vanished. I'm always happy to follow a link and discover something new.
You can add a couple of thousand visits for me - I read daily by RSS having discovered your site when you linked to a flickr photo of mine six years ago.
I sadly lost the account in a mixup and so, sorry, you have a broken link on the 2009 post!
Is it me. Is it me? I'm so excited!
Or it might be me! Although I believe DG's posting times, I suspect that he may have a bit of gadgetry that can post automatically at a time he specifies; so posting at 2 a.m. does not require being awake at that time, nor split-second timing.

I can't actually explain, from DG's content, why the whole world does not subscribe. But clearly tastes differ, indeed as far as I know, none of the people to whom I have (f2f) recommended DG are yet regular readers.
Can't remember how I found you but I'm glad I did. I often wish I could follow your example (I can write in paragraphs!) but somehow it's easier just to read other people's. That last comment sounds so lame doesn't it.
Bugger it. I'm likely too late. Oh well... there's always the lotto tomorrow.
I've been reading your blog so long I can't remember how I got here in the first place..
I think I arrived via a link, but I'm blowed if I can remember what!
Or it might have been via a Google search!
Either way I'm very glad I found you!

I often put links to you on my facebook page so I'd like to think I've helped you reach your 5 millionth in some small way!
Many congratulations
Congratulations on your 5 million. An amazing achievement. I wish I had your stamina and dedication...
Congratulations, DG, on your five million.
Replying to Malcolm @ 10:07am - Given what we regular readers have learned of DG's work habits, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he set his alarm for the wee small hours and watched the clock tick over, so as to have the exact time on a blogpost. :)
I can't remember if it was Girl with a One Track Mind, Arseblog or London Reconnections that sent me this way. It might even have been the now-defunct Omnibuses.

It probably says plenty about my taste that the four blogs I regularly read involve football, transport and knitting, which we all know is what Girl with a One Track Mind is really on about.
Knitting? Really? I assumed she was on about kittens.
I found you from 853 (sarf larndarn). I love your outlook on life and quality writing. And I'm not one of the whingers who moans if you write about the Bow Roundabout, it's good to know what's happening on The Other Side.
It wasn't me - I didn't click though at all yesterday, I was in Ireland with very limited internet access.

That's two recent charts of DG's I'm made it into - still linking to him and this, I'm proud.
Congratulations DG. An inspiration to all of us that blog on.

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