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They use ST for the stadium and AQ for the Aquatics Centre, but not VP for the VeloPark or CB (or CU) for the Copper Box.
Please don’t use “ schizophrenic”. It doesn’t mean what you probably think it means and adds to the prejudice that people with a severe medical condition have to struggle. Thanks
When postcodes were first introduced, our (then) landlady expected a man in a cap to come and fix something on the front door. Considering this confusion, andd other cases I have heard of, I am beginning to think that might have been quite a good idea.
I was a student at King’s when postcodes were introduced. I don’t know if money changed hands but it got the postcode CB1 1st.
Still Anon: C, I, K, M, O, V are never used as the last two letters of a postcode.
How odd! Does that mean Here East get their bins collected on different days too?!
Now I'm intrigued. Why not use C, I, K, M, O and V?
I and O make sense as being too close to 1 and 0, and V is a little close to U in many people's handwriting so minimised usage helps machine reading.

But I wonder why C, K and M are excluded.
That explains why my lousy "U"s never cause a problem; makes perfect sense.

RogerB - Certainly in the early days some organisations got priority (think BBC, Downing St et al) and far more recently TfL's head office until quite recently at Windsor House managed to be SW1H 0TL which I suspect was no coincidence (unless anyone can confirm that it predates our occupation).
Rather than wonder... Wikipedia.
I have on the wall behind me a lovely big (about 4' x 2'6) framed map of UK postcode areas (London inset, but no SE20). I salvaged it from work. Goodness knows why they had it, or indeed, why no one else wanted it...
CB1 1ST doesn't exist.

final two letters - i can understand why M is avoided (confused with N) ... but not sure about C and K - even this article on "Commonly Confused Letters and Numerals" doesn't mention them!
I assume that C and K could be confused with each other when written as capitals
Fond memories of the "Ee Twenny" nightclub in EastEnders. DG has written previously about the apparent location of Albert Square which is in the Poplar area.
A C can look like an unfinished O or 0. A cursive K can look like an R.
C and K might be confused with each other, but that wouldn't explain both being omitted. A K could be mistaken for an X, or a C for a G.

This map indicates that E20 is an enclave within E15 (no boundary with E3 or E9) and therefore that the western boundary of E20 is further east than the River Lea. This is consistent with the evidence you found on the ground, and further suggests Street Map has it wrong.

dg writes: That map is over-simplified and shows E20 much smaller than it really is, so I disregarded it in my research.
Having, until recent retirement, worked as a postman in Dorking (postcodes covered RH3, RH4 & RH5) they should have left out H or M. The number of hand written addresses for Romford (Postcodes beginning RM) we got were substantial!!
The postcode for King's College, Cambridge is CB2 1ST (since at least the 1970s, I think).

The border between CB1 (south east) and CB2 (south) seems to go approximately along the east side of King's Parade/Trumpington Street/Trumpington Road. New postcodes, CB21 to CB25, were created in 2006 by splitting off parts of CB1 to CB5 area outside the city boundaries.
The border between CB1 and CB2 follows St Andrew's Street/Regent Street/Hills Road, not King's Parade/Trumpington Street/Trumpington Road.
The postcode for the Girobank office in Bootle was G1R 0AA.
I've been to the Breakfast Club at the Boxpark in Croydon. Had a massive burrito with some halloumi on the side.

I recall the Girobank postcode to be GIR 0AA.
I've often wondered if Lesney Avenue near HereEast might be a nod to Delia Smith's "Let's be 'aving you" football, er, speech but then I couldn't see any other puns hidden in any of the other of the street names in the park!

dg writes: no, the Lesney Matchbox factory.
It’s weird having E15 addresses outside of Newham.

Were there any buildings/addresses in the Here East area before the Olympics, and if so, did they have E15?
Oh, it looks like Hackney Wick Stadium was E15 2EQ
If I had one piece of advice for readers resulting from this post, it would be to search online before posting questions.
I've done some digging and found a 2005-ish A-Z map of the area. The E9/E15 boundary followed the edge of Arena Fields, then took a dogleg off towards the old alignment of Waterden Road. Looking at archive satellite photos on Google Earth, this more or less bisects the what's now the IBC, but the location of the MPC was indisputably in E9. So I've got even less explanation as to how it ended up in E15, as the site was never in E15 in the first place.
I've never really understood why they put the postcode district on road name plates anyway. I can't see what practical use it is to anyone
The new East Wick + Sweetwater flats seem to have been designated E20 3AS, and they carry a (Hackney-esque but unbranded) street sign for East Bay Lane with an E20 on them.

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