please empty your brain below

Much as I like Gormley's idea I'm a little sad that we won't have Meerkats in Trafalgar least not until Global warming hots up a bit more.

Yawn. You know I really couldn't give a xxxx. The same as I couldn't give a xxxx about what ornaments are in vogue for domestic interiors. It's all crud and collects dirt.

Fantastic. I wish I was still living in London, just to go and see what people do up there on the plinth. I hope they don't vet it at all so we get everything: the loudmouths, the wannabe politicians, the drunks, the showoffs, the tongue-tied, even the racists, much as I abhor their views. London in all its mad gobby glory.

Yes, no good if they get all cautious and stop people saying and doing what they want to.

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