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"Be warned, this is the first Temple Open Weekend for 400 years, and you don't know how long you might have to wait until the next"

wow, that's so powerful. Aside from some natural landmarks, there's not much here in the US that is that old. In the MET museum in NY I remember seeing some of the Egyptian pyramid walls on exhibit with names, some really vintage graffiti, carved into them that were hundreds of years old. I always wondered what the stories were behind those walls and behind those names.

The Temple must have been quite an experience for you.

Damn, if only I had known yesterday ...

dg writes: I've been plugging this event at the top of my sidebar since last Monday. Honest.

We had our office Christmas party there this year, and it was really lovely.

Erm, you could actually go to a service there you know!

dg writes: True, but they don't take kindly to people wandering around, peering at walls and taking photographs during a service.

Temple church is usually open to the public, as far as I know. I certainly visited it last year, and we were able to wander about pretty much at will, since there wasn't a service on.

Incidentally, those effigies of templar knights in the church were badly damaged when it took a direct hit during the Blitz, but the V&A's Cast Court contains plaster casts of them that were taken when they were intact (and painted).

I'm off now to try and see inside the Law Courts!

Temple Church is, apparently, usually open as follows:

Wed: 1-4pm
Thurs and Sat: 11am-noon and 1-4pm
Fri: 11am-noon and 1-3:30pm
Sun: 1-4pm

But I'd check times before making a special effort to visit.

I really wanted to visit, but we couldn't make it London this weekend. It's nice looking at everyone's photos, the buildings are beautiful.

I went yesterday thanks to your notice on the sidebar. It was marvelous. Just a note, no photography allowed in the Royal Courts of Justice. The court rooms were amazing and very interesting to sit in on the mock trials. I don't know if this was on purpose, but several tv shows were on this weekend dealing with the Knights templar, William Marshall and Temple Church.

My grandfather lived and worked in the Inner Temple, and was Master for a year. My grandparents' flat overlooked the gardens and the Thames beyond, and as a girl my mother watched the Festival of Britain site being constructed on the south bank, directly opposite. My parents were married in the Inner Temple church in 1960. Happy memories...

There is a good virtual tour of the Temple Church here.

You may have bumped into my parents there on Saturday. They said it was excellent and were particularly thrilled to see a 400-year-old shield with the (pretty unusual outside of East Anglia) family name on it.

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