please empty your brain below

Ooo yes, another place I promised to go back to, over two years ago, thank you.

I don't think an imac is going to last 1000 years?

If I remember rightly, there was another place where Longplayer was played - the Rest Zone in the old Millennium Dome in 2000. They also mentioned here that the piece would play for a thousand years without repetition, and I remember wondering how this was possible (and after reading your post, I still do).

It's also interesting to find out about some of London's more eccentric buildings. Who would imagine you'd have a lighthouse in the middle of East London, or flats made from old shipping containers?

Only in London...

Our paths might have crossed there, dg!

What I want to know is, who's checking about this "never repeating" business? There ought to be some inspectorate or other, Ofping or whover.

It almost looks like the Trinity Buoy Lighthouse was the inspiration for the Gherkin.

Fascinating posts...

It's a lovely place to visit, if a bit awkward to get to - I got invited into Norman Vondee's mosaic studio last time I was there:

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