please empty your brain below

Great stuff, DG. Your new best friends at <spamming PR agency> have a website composed entirely in Flash, which would suggest that they don't quite understand the importance of having text which search engines can link too. They are, however, recruiting, and are looking for people who "aren't wedded to any particular silo". An opportunity?

DG, I wouldn't turn down the iphone app so quickly. Obviously the phone will plead with Mine Host and convince him that "just one". Of course, since it is past closing time he can't sell you a drink so it must be on the house. This app pays for itself in no time. :-)

Anecia would love the link to the spamming PR agency.

Hi! I love your blog and have been reading your post about [INSERT SUBJECT HERE] with great interest. I agree with everything you say.

I work in the field of nasal hair trimmers myself and that's something that's highly relevant to [INSERT SUBJECT HERE] I'm sure you'll agree. I'm sure many of your readers have problems with nasal hair - lets talk about what we can do!

Zennica Smithington-Smyte

hehe. I got really annoyed when I linked to a video I'd seen on twitter (promotional, but quite well done) and then the next day got an email from a PR company suggesting I use that very video. Made me look like the worst kind of recycling blogger...

on on top of all that my team gave yours a football lesson on saturday

Dear The Diamond Geezer,
I see that in the past you have featured posts about KITTENS on your website. I can email you many pictures of KITTENS which I am sure your readers will find interesting.

On another note, Big Tomato company do a mug with Diamond Geezer on it. I am sure they might be open to a spot of advertising? In return for a free mug?

OOOOOOH kittens You can never have enough kittens.

I had one this morning:

I'm curious, are you [currently] using mobile text marketing to advertise your tavern?"

But I don't run a tavern, do I? Maybe I have one somewhere and have forgotten about it. Hope it's doing alright.

I *love* these posts. Superb, DG, just superb.

Hmmn...I'm sure that somewhere out there is a blogger that you know who's written a post that begins: "We'd never get on. You'd want to spend the weekend cataloguing the entire contents of your kitchen cupboard..."

And, yes, I don't post that in the wrong comments box. Perhaps I could get a job with one of these moronic PR agencies?

If Douglas Adams wrote H2G2 today, he'd have to envisage a much, much larger B Ark.

Hehe! Another goodly crop of emails blasted to pieces!

AAAAGH. I've emailed <London location multinational flashmob people, who might possibly be a German telephone company> a dozen times politely telling them to go elsewhere.

The worst thing about them is that it's always sent as an email from 'Nathan Barley' (or, "their director of twatting about"), so you actually click through before you realise it's bullshit. HATE HATE HATE. Thankyou, DG, for helping me vent.

By sheer force of coincidence, I know someone at said <spamming PR agency>, and have made them aware of this post.

In return, I'd like to take this moment to mention MY MUSIC and the GIGS THAT I PLAY ACROSS LONDON, which are, by their nature, totally relevant to your INTERNET WEBLOG SITE. Yes.

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