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I've got Colman's mustard, best before end of April '94. Beat that!

Some of that's just fine, and some of it's.. umm.. Ewh? The mixed herbs in particular can't taste of anything by now. That champers is very likely beyond redemption as well if it's been in the fridge all that time. Really nice bubbly keeps 10 years, but only on its side somewhere a little less harsh than a fridge.

And the sponge is flat out disgusting. :P I see not problem with the rest, though the water might taste a bit plasticy.

You can still find Tomato Ketchup in glass bottles, I buy it frequently, I do not like the plastic squeeze bottles.

....Lesson 4. Do not put chocolate in the fridge.

Here in the Netherlands Heinz tomato ketchup still is in glass bottles.

Oh, the kitchen cupboard. Hmmm, yes. I wonder how long that bottle of olive oil has been there... Does pasta have a best before date?

everything's got a best before date (or a sell by date at least). Even bottled water, which is a bit of a head scratcher...

I was doing some baking at my partner's parent's house last Christmas, and needed brown sugar. There was a packet of it which predated their return from a stint living abroad. In other words, it was from about *1982*. Typical of that kitchen, actually. Spice jars from the early '70s (never re-filled) are the norm. Shudder!

I bought some fresh sugar.

oh old cupboards a journey down memory lane:) I've done my cupboard check two days ago as we had to move stuff for new carpets. My biggest shame a tin of olive oil given us at Yule 6 years ago still sealed. Jamie Olivers.

take the brut on your next walk and share it with a harridan

I think I can trump you DG, I just had an omelette for lunch. One of the eggs was dated May 2010 (admittedly I did sniff that one carefully) and the rest were from August. The butter was also from May. Plus around 10 of BW's chillies to pep it up a bit. Yum. Tasty.

I did read today's paper while I ate it, though.

I'm with Chz on the bubbly. If it's been in the fridge for more than, say, a year (and that's pushing it) then the cork's dried out and it will be oxidized. Don't waste the space.

Creme Eggs - from a man trying to keep his cholesterol down? ;)

As i've only moved in the last year I have nothing out of date. I do, however, have some in-date Fray Bentos pies (special offer in Morrisons at the moment) and I agree they're not much to look at even when cooked but boy they do taste nice.

Creme Eggs are sugar, not sure if they have much cholesterol. Drink chocolate soy milk and that should help bring the levels down anyway.

A few years ago a friend of mine was clearing out her larder in preparation for builders. A group of us were there and we had a competition as to who could find the product with the oldest sell-by date. I think 1995 won. We may be all a bit too clean nowadays - maybe consuming some sell-by date food keep the immune system alert and healthy!

I think champagne is over hyped. Ok I probably have never had the top quality stuff but what I have had I've found to be very disapointing. After all it is only fizzy wine with good PR.

Claire aged 10 to granny while helping her to sort cupboards - I think this should go granny - its older than me :-)

why do they put a sell-by date on sour cream...??

It can go mouldy as well as manky.

Does it still count as foodstuff if no longer strictly edible? Two frozen slices of raspberry buttercream wedding cake from September 1990 have made two moves with me. My kids have also started a collection of yoghurt containers with snow from each of the past several winters.

As for your cupboard, DG, you are far too young to have such a decrepit collection. Really, it is worthy of someone much older than you. As I sometimes tell my 78-year old father when I look in his 'fridge, it is never to late (or in your case, too early) to die of food poisoning!

@disgruntled - the best before date on bottled water is down to water being naturally slightly acidic and corroding the plastic. Admittedly it's probably got a much longer shelf date than the best before indicates, but that is why it is there!

You don't have to wait until Easter for Creme Eggs. There's a chocolate bar called Twisted, to provide that gooey goodness all year round. It even appears in a box of Cadbury's Heroes.

I'd hope the Jif Lemon was acidic! Not much good if it wasn't

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