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For those who are inspired by your walk to explore the area, but are not bound by the strict rules that you have set yourself, the northern end of Columbia Road leads into an area of terraced houses (Baxendale St, Durrant St, etc) that look as if they have been cleaned up to act as a location for a film set in 'The Old East End' (perhaps they have?). Take away the cars and you could be stepping back 200 years in time. Hopefully the area has a preservation order.
Coincidence: I tailed an Empress coach on the M25 coming home from work last week and thought the business postcode on the back looked like your manor and an unusual location for a coach firm. Right on both counts it seems. The bus was immaculately turned out.
"When I grow rich,
Say the bells of Shoreditch."

Seems appropriate some how. And of course St Leonards was the location for the very wonderful "Rev".
Pity another old cinema building is for the wreckers ball, I have passed by the Odeon Hackney Road many times. More appartments!

If you had continued along Hackney Road after the second Columbia Road junction, you would have passed the London Hackspace, a community run workshop open 24 hours a day where you can engage in many activities sharing resources, they even brew their own beer.
My kids both spent a night in the old QEH after admission through the A&E. The Oval used to be the home of Feb Edge printers, which was owned by the Socialist Workers Party. For years it also had the contract to print Private Eye. Both the SWP and Militant had their own printshops in this area in those days. Militant's was called Cambridge Heath Press.
Shortly before the QE Hospital was closed, its operating theatres were refurbished at a cost as far as I recall of several million pounds.

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