please empty your brain below

Sounds like there are still some interesting places in Tower Hamlets. Thanks for enlightening us.

Vicky Park - halves are by definition equal. So it's divided into two unequal parts.

I tried looking for the most recent photos. The bottom of page 2 showed your visit to the Tower (of London). No further, as of now anyhow.
The technically incorrect, but frequently uttered, expression of "two unequal halves" is a more jocular way of saying "two unequal parts".

Good to hear about the joys of Victoria Park. London as a whole tends to be proud of its wide range of parks, as it should be.
I used to live just the other side of the border in Hackney at the western edge of Victoria Park, and loved having it as my garden.

The Royal Inn was a great local, and the dining room extension they built out the back (cannily just in time for the Olympics) meant that it was a handy venue for our wedding reception - within staggering distance of home.

I think you're right to worry about the Wick though. It's fast becoming swallowed up by housing developments, and rent increases are already beginning to push out the artists' live/work spaces and small businesses. I suppose that's just the way of things these days.

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