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Wot no Charing Cross in that top 10 termini?

dg writes: Oops, it should say Charing Cross instead of Piccadilly Circus. The perils of cut-and-paste, eh?

And Blackhorse Road can't be that dead, I got on that line recently and loads got off to get on the Victoria Line.

dg writes: That's what the official spreadsheet says. But it also hints that the usage figures here might have been collected wrong.

I think you should make it your mission to visit Sudbury and Harrow Road, you know

dg writes: It's on the list
But the station's closed at weekends (as you might have guessed)

Interesting that St Pancras does not even get into the busiest 10 National Rail stations, and King Cross (adjacent to St Pancras) only had 20M. Waterloo being at 61M the station used by most people.
Another reason why they should have kept Eurostar at Waterloo and not have spent £800M to relocate leaving passengers to make a difficult journey to the cold,draughty and forbidding St Pancras.

Now that we've cleared up 'less' and 'fewer' around here, I think we have another task, eh fellow grammar pedants?


surprised Euston isn't in the top 10 tube stations

I think you've got Liverpool St. tube station's numbers wrong. Either the order or the number of people.

dg writes: Oops, yes. Number now corrected.

I'm happy E* is at St. Pancras. And I live in South London, where it's way easier for me to get to Waterloo. For one, it's flat out nicer. For two, there was no way they'd ever be able to get a high-speed link into Waterloo, so the time savings works out in my favour anyways. I never liked crawling through south London to get away. I imagine it makes the service more reliable, too.

And those stats always understate how insane London Bridge rail station is. It's when you remember that all trains to Charing Cross and Cannon St. go through there, and a lot of people change on to those at London Bridge that you get a better idea of the horror that goes on there.

Thanks for making me realise how lucky i am not to be a London commuter doing a daily impersonation of being on a cattle truck.

What is quite scaryy is the current usage figures for Stratford, which is already dangerously overcrowded at peak times as it is... roll on 2012.

Interesting that less than 500 people a day use Roding Valley station - it must be a cushy number manning that station, if a bit boring! Mind you, if we ever get a Beeching like initiative on the tube, the Hainault loop will obviously be the first bit to go...

I've noticed something else - the model they use *vastly* underestimates the footfalls of some stations. Look at how they're measuring - they are only looking at total annual entry and exit frequencies, which is meaningless for stations that have numerous options for changing to another line.

To take Stratford as the perfect example you have 2 tube lines, the DLR, London Overground and several national rail platforms. Whilst I exit the Jubilee line and leave the station at about 6pm on weeknights, the number of people doing the same as me is a trickle compared to the vast number of people who leave the Jubilee and then head towards the central
ational rail platforms...

Very interesting post! I'm very suprised that the busiest stations are those located in or near a national rail termini! I had the same question about Piccadilly, but you corrected it! imagine a big underground national rail termini in Piccadilly sq! rofl!

72 Million, pah.

Try Shibuya station in Tokyo. 2.4 million passengers per DAY .

I go through there every morning and evening and, yes, it's busy but it never seems as bad as it does in London. I can't quite put my finger on why it's not so bad, but it's quite remarkable.

Waterloo International is gone, live with it.

one of the charts on the tfl tube link shows "SPADs by period" with no explanation for what a SPAD might be. I have the feeling it's some kind of flanimal... Can anyone confirm?

Signal Passed At Danger.

Running a red light, in plainspeak.

Excellent anorakkery. Thanks for the nostalgia.

If it's just entries and exits then that explains why Clapham junction isn't higher up the list. After all, the signs on the platforms there say 'Britain's busiest Railway station'

Still, it would be impossible to count them at rush hour if they're not going through the gates..

Clapham is Europe's busiest railway station based on the number of trains passing through the station, including the non-stopping one.

Still, it would be impossible to count them at rush hour if they're not going through the gates..

There were people at a station the other week counting how many people passed a particular point. It's possible but labour intensive.

Shouldn't Tooting Broadway (with 12.19m) be at #9 in the "Ten busiest tube stations outside Zone 1"?

dg writes: Yes thanks. I didn't think to check Tooting Broadway. Who'd have thought?

oh! 2 visitors online? wonder who the other one is?

Anyway very anoraky and interesting, thanks!

shouldn't brixton station be in the busiest tube stations outside zone 1?? it has 19.702 entry/exits a year!!

dg writes: Ah yes, sorry, missed that. I've now added it to the list, in 5th place.

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