please empty your brain below

I'm rather enjoying your series of 'sporting events without a ticket', though don't know if it's intentional. Wimbledon next week?

Sounds like my idea of hell. Thanks for the postcard.

i love ascot... one day a year of another world for me... go in next time - even if just for the experience!!!

At Doncaster racecourse you can wander around on non race days at your leisure. Those fences are pretty big

Long story, but I once almost set fire to Ascot racecourse. There's a nice piece of heathland in the middle of it that probably wouldn't have survived without the races

If you had got into the Royal Enclosure earlier in the week, you could have been in this shot.

IMO, already a contender for picture of the year.

I seem to remember that there is actually a footpath right accross the middle of the race course. It's part of the Three Castles Path from Winchester to Windsor. I've walked accross it before, but not on race day. I don't know if the path is closed on race days (which is what I imagine) or whether thay have someone on duty to let you cross between races.

A groundsman kindly refused to let me cross the track on Saturday, not least because I'd have been trampled underfoot.


That is a great picture and the woman looks very excited. Though I did notice the woman in the brown hat next to her, While probably trying to hold her hat on, does in fact look like she is giving her the finger.

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