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What is ( or Was ) an easycinema ?
The Point never contained the cinema. That was in a linked shed to the south.
Demand-driven pricing, print at home tickets, very few staff: [article 2003]

It struggled to get big new releases, and then with rent rises: [article 2006]
Worldwide Knit in Public Day is the 2nd Saturday in June. It was much enjoyed on the 9th this year and will be on the 8th in 2019.
So the artificial cows have gone.

dg writes: They graze elsewhere.

What is the red construction on the left hand side of your light pyramid photo. It looks like a person with hands stretched up?

dg writes: A sculpture called Chain Reaction.
The concrete cows are still in MK, but on one of the outer grid roads.

The food centre is very empty, but the multi story gives 3 hours of free parking compared to paying 50p/£2 hour, so is often my choice of parking location.

The design of MK always strikes me as a place that would be perfect for trams - lots of wide open space down the grid roads for speedy travel.
Re the trams, I have an early Bucks County Council book about 'North Bucks New City' with one plan much as it is with the V and H dual carriageways and another with a figure of 8 monorail linking the districts.
It also suggests a nuclear combined hear and power plant!
@john styles

I've sold monorails to Dresden, Wuppertal and Zaragoza and by gum it put them on the map!
Having only ever visited MK to ski or shop, I now want to visit to explore! Lovely stuff- thanks DG
'Wuppertal' - now there's a name for a city. They still have that dangly railway - on my list of things to do.

There was a theory going about in the 90s that MK had a much higher incidence of seasonal allergies because of the millions of non-native trees and shrubs planted there. I wonder if that is true.

The 'natural' landscape as opposed to the hard landscape of the city still looks glorious. In some ways MK might be considered the pinnacle of the Garden City movement; its fullest flowering so to speak.

Enjoyed reading this Mr G. Ta.
I live ten miles or so south, and you've got this absolutely spot on DG. I particularly loved "Officially it's now called thecentre:mk, but let's pretend it isn't."

Used to come here quite a bit when the children were small as there were good cheap(ish) clothes shops etc., but gradually found it was more and more hassle, the greenery was more and neglected and more and more pop-ups which is fine, though none were relevant, and I couldn't usually buy things I wanted there (I know, it's not them, it's me). Didn't realise how I'd dropped off visiting until one Christmas I headed straight for the overflow car park field and found they'd built a Theatre District on it. Went there last summer to look for something in John Lewis and was absolutely stunned to find that instead of circling for ages to find a parking space (early afternoon Wednesday during summer term) there were precisely two cars in the car park at the JL end; hardly any staff, and fewer customers. Guess I'm partly to blame as I tend to shop online as I can get what I want and it's delivered home, but a bit of a shock none the less.
There is a pretty decent music venue - The Stables - not too far away as well.
Well MK redeemed itself slightly at the end with the tree cathedral, but the overwhelming feeling from these posts is of somewhere that has a faint whiff of decay about it and has seen better days - a bit like those once-grand seaside resorts such as Margate!
The Point use to be lit-up along its edges at night by what was at the time state-of-the-art lighting...looked quite nice as a beacon driving down the A5 from Dunstable. There is now also another newer cinema complex down by the MK Dons Stadium.
With all those trees, MK does enjoy a colourful autumn.

dg writes; Set of Autumn photos.
The nearby Stables is a fantastic music venue. Unfortunately they're thinking of building houses nearby and it's been said that it could cause issues for the venue if the newcomers are unhappy about noise...
I wonder if at least secretly someone came up with the name of The Point so people could ask "What's the Point?".

I'm intrigued by Waitrose moving out to somewhere easier to drive and park. I thought the whole point of the whole of Milton Keynes was that it was easy to do both.

dg writes: And 50% larger.

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