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Thanks for a very informative post.

However, the link to the schematic is returning a "404 Not Found" error.
schmatic link goes to a 404 page.
Dammit, they've updated the project page overnight and deleted the really helpful 3D diagram showing how it all fits together. Fools. Sorry.
Will any more expansions be authorized, Camden was supposed to start in late 2019 and be finished in 2024.
Is there a functional reason that there are no advertisements on the second set of escalators?
Is this the diagram which went missing?

dg writes: archived elsewhere, yes :)
“TfL could have done nothing and post-pandemic commuting patterns would mostly have taken care of that.”

Your spending too much time in the outer boroughs. The Elizabeth Line is packed already, and as for the rest in Zone 1/2… No change.
Looking forward to using this entrance, indeed would have used it on Saturday if it had been open then!
Quoting from today's press release...

• Weekday Tube ridership has grown to around 75-80 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.
• Tube ridership at stations defined as 'City' stations - including Bank - is now at around 70 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.
• Weekend Tube ridership is now increasingly approaching pre-pandemic levels,
On the point about Bank being an increasingly poorly named station, I am one of those crayon wielders who would have done a bit of renaming when the Elizabeth Line opened.

I'd call the whole complex 'City'.

City Thameslink would have to be renamed yet again, but that should have happened when Thameslink became First Capital Connect for a while. It's scarcely in the City anyway (Ludgate for me in case you were asking...)

Waterloo & City would still work, but Hammersmith & City would be a poser: I'm sure there are minutes of fun to be had giving that a better name.
TfL should be applauded for the transformation of Bank. It looks great and feels spacious. Last year I was concerned by the regular closure of the Wallbrook exit but I think that may have been a Covid issue. Hopefully it and this new entrance will remain open full time now.
Now that it's carved in stone they're not going to change the name in a hurry. And anyway, the B of E will probably be levelled up to Scarborough some day soon.
TfL numbers for Bank show demand Tuesday to Thursday are about 80 per cent of pre COVID levels but on Fridays are only 50 per cent
Is Cannon Street now the best served street in London per metre for tube stations?
"if you really wanted the District or Circle lines you should have entered the station via Monument instead"

This is where I was caught out a few weeks ago on a work trip to London, and realised a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I entered Bank station thinking it and Monument are all one thing really anyway, and then found myself following signs that led me back to street level and on to the entrance to Monument station.
It's a shame after all this work the DLR platforms still look so awful! Are there any plans to give these some new tiles and a lick of paint?

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