please empty your brain below

Surprised this one didn't make it into the monthly unblogged round up!
Looks pretty though.
I've somehow managed to not walk through there before.

For anyone in Hayes I can highly recommend the Real Ale Way micropub opposite the station.
The Knoll is also the area between the station and the High Street in Orpington... ;-)

Maybe there are more?
I've not been to the Knoll, but I did try to go to the Gnoll. It's in Neath. All that seemed to be there was an abandoned stone archway - but looking on line just now, there seems to be a huge park as well, which I managed to miss. How a Gnoll differs from a Knoll I can only surmise.
Is the Knoll in Orpington as grassy as the Hayes one?

dg writes: no.
While you were in LB Bromley, you could have popped to The Knoll in Beckenham too. It’s an unadopted gravel road with a fine collection of Victorian, modernist and newer housing. The residents made the local newspaper a decade or so ago when they paid to fill the potholes because the landowner wouldn’t. Ok, so not really worthy of a post. I’ll stick with yours.
St Mary's churchyard next to The Knoll has the grave of John Panis who was brought to the UK from North America in 1763 as a slave and died shortly after arrival at only 9 years old. I happened to visit last year on the 259th anniversary of his death.

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