please empty your brain below

Many locals often referred to these as the "three flats" – or "free flats" if they weren't big on pronouncing their "th".
Oh dear.

Where did the people (who lived here) go?

Where did the people from Clays Lane go?

Carpenters Estate? I know they're not all gone (yet).

Elephant and Castle?

Oh my god.
Where are these "restaurants"? I've lived here 20+ years and there's not even decent curry house within walking distance. Perhaps they mean McDonald's?

One of the broadsheets had an article on the Crossways Estate (built on site of the North London Railway works where they made wagons, coaches and steam locomotives. Referring to the area's former residents Dizzy Rascal and Tinchy Stryder it quoted an estate agent's blurb to the effect that "the area's former volatile elements have been completely dissipated".
And so they continue to build high price developments for out-of-towners, Out-of-Country-ers too. More investment opportunities for the Chinese?

Where do the people who would have lived in such places live now? Because unless political decisions are made most of central London will be Tourist Opportunities and empty high-cost high-rent Developments used as 'investments'.
The book "Concretopia" is an excellent account covering the rise, fall, and rise of tower blocks.
Where do the people who would have lived in such places live now? was a question in the comments box above, well I had two friends who lived in these blocks, one was given a beautiful brand new ground floor flat in a block overlooking the canal at Victoria park and the other was given a brand new first floor apartment in the new build low rise blocks that were built around the base of the old tower blocks, both were very very happy with their relocation.
Also the outright sale of the overpriced apartments in this block are what basically has funded the refurbishment of the other two blocks which were not put on the market for outright sale and are a mixture of units for rent and units for shared ownership.
Fishislandskin ... thank you very much for that because I too was wondering what happened to the original residents ... so glad to hear they have benefitted
"Concretopia" is a thoroughly recommended book. I read it in one go which is rare for me.
So what type of cladding was used for the tower blocks...?

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