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The younger you are, the more chance there is of someone famous emerging who shares your birthday. There’s still a bit of scope at 1965, but it’s becoming less likely.
A more morbid list is "people who died on my birthday". In my case it's headed by JFK, so that also counts among "memorable events that occurred on my birthday".
Could have included Trevor Burton from The Move, or Martin Fry from ABC. In the dreaded sport category Sir Bill Beaumont and Martin Johnson, a couple of rugger buggers.
Trevor Burton born 1949.
Martin Fry born 1958.
Bill Beaumont born 1952.
Martin Johnson born 1970.

So no.
I can't find anyone famous born on the very same day as me. But the UK no 1 at the time was 'What do you want to make those eyes at me for' by Emile Ford and the Checkmates.
Oh dear. I remember when Goldie the Eagle escaped and was on the news for days.

Wait until you start worrying that you are the same age as old people.
I'd heard of 3 people born in my 13 day span:

- singer Kate Nash (you said I must eat so many lemons, cause I am so bittah)
- footballer and paedophile Adam Johnson

But by far the most famous

- 4-time F1 champion Sebastian Vettel
I was born on the same day as the person who masterminded the 9.11 attacks. Also and Olympic rower, who used (indirectly) who used to be a work colleague.
Happy birthday to the custodian of one of my favourite parts of the Internet.

As a baseball fan, for what it's worth, Benito Santiago is a relatively notable player for his era. Great throwing arm and a remarkable late-career resurgence. I don't know if you have the former, but you have no need of the latter, as you've always been operating at a very high level.
Having done some more research, I can now claim the following people in my 13-day span: Tracy Ullman; Bebe Neuwirth (of Cheers and Fraser TV fame); Val Kilmer; Michael Stipe (of REM); and Nigella Lawson.
Our Doctor's surgery uses birthdays as part of the identification process, which is how I know that there is one person born on the same dd/mm/yy as me.
My Christian name is John and her's is ...
Anyone worried that AI is about to take our jerbs may be relieved to know that asking ChatGPT to compile births for dg's date range returns lists that are impressively inaccurate, however the question is phrased. Its one accurate return was Coleen Nolan (12th).

dg writes: added, thanks!
Far easier to find someone born within one week from mine, as well as the same date of different years.

Edward Snowden is born less than a week later than me.

Yuri Andropov and Xi Jinping both share my birthday.
Our birthdays may be rarer than we think, yet in a room of 23 people the odds of two people having the same birthday are 50% .
Many congratulations on the fifty eighth anniversary of the day of your birth, dg !🎂🎂
(Still not caught up with me.😉)
It is a shame that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen did not take a Bachelor of Laws degree.
I share my date of birth with Monika Pyrek, a Polish pole vaulter, and otherwise the 13 day period is dominated by sportspersons and singers of whom Wayne Bridge and Roman Weidenfeller are the only ones I've heard of. There's also Dominic Tabuna, a Nauruan politician who, it turns out, served as Speaker for just three days in 2010, (plus an earlier 45 days as acting Speaker) during a rather turbulent period of parliamentary deadlock with no less than six full Speakers in one year.
Just goes to show how unique we all are.
Hope you have a one-of-a-kind birthday.
I can't find anyone particularly famous born on the day of my birth (just the occasional sportsperson or actor). But there was a fatal plane crash, and another on the following day, and then a big one in the UK a few days after. So that is nice.

"It's Not Unusual" is a cracking bullseye for a birthday Number One. I get Don McLean's Vincent, which I'm content with. "This world was never meant for one / As beautiful as you"
I'd never looked into this before and now I'm disappointed to find I've not heard of any of the people who were born in the week either side of my birth. If I could extend the period by a day I'd get Ant McPartlin or by three days I'd get Ronnie O'Sullivan. But that's cheating.

It was however the day that Suriname gained independence from the Netherlands. So I guess that's something.
Perhaps I'm quite lucky then, that I am the same age as Brat Pack actress Molly Ringwald, the day that the Winter Olympics in Grenoble closed.
A quick Google reveals that only one 'memorable' person was born on the same day as me - an American actor. The only such person born within a week was Peter Noone, better known as Herman of Herman's Hermits, though I suspect his memorability is dwindling. I'm also a little alarmed by how many of my contemporaries are dead.
Share my date of birth with Sir Stelios of Easyjet
Happy birthday dg! Toasting you with a virtual bottle of Becks.

Whilst not celebrity-based, when I lived in New Zealand I ended up sharing a flat with someone born on the exact same day as me. We were both from the UK, on the other side of the world.
They used to put the flags out on my birthday. Not that Queen Victoria is my age, it was still called Empire day.
It's my lovely daughter's birthday today too. She will be a very young 36...where has the time gone?
Tom Hiddleston and Holly Willoughby share my birthday week.
Continued experimentation with chatbots continues to disappoint. A simple Google search (format "Born 9 March 1965" returns a harvest of foreign names you won’t have heard of, a handful of locals you just possibly might have, and one Channel 4 political editor, Gary Gibbon, (15th). But you might want to consider including Oscar 3, an amateur radio satellite, as an honorary birthmate. It launched on March 9, is still orbiting, and can be tracked. You can raise a glass to it as it passes over London at 22:18 tonight.
I hope it was a good bus trip through Leyton today.
For those of you who didn't read Ladybird books:
"My Christian name is John and hers is Janet"
Your correspondents who have been publishing their email address and date of birth may also wish to give their mothers maiden name, first school and first pet.
My oft-quoted claim to fame is that I was born on the day before the previous King died!

According to Wikipedia, other people born on 5/2/52 were:-
- Daniel Dubois: a French politician;
- Vladimir Moskovkin: a Russian / Ukrainian geographer and economist, etc.;
- Parviz Davoodi: the third vice-President of Iran;
- Darko Domijan: a Croatian singer; and
- Daniel Balavoine: a French singer.

I must admit to having never heard of any of them before today!
I share my date of birth with a well known actor. Problem is he died 7 years ago which makes me rather wary!
It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones? I remember it well. But I can beat that. The No.1 when I was born was Secret Love by Doris Day and the Prime Minister was Winston Churchill aged 79.
Nobody of any note was born on the same date as me, so I'm claiming the prize to the most famous British person at least born on that day LOL
Born 2 weeks before you. Grew up 3 miles from you. Was planned to be in same year at your grammar school (the county intervened with an unexpected scholarship). The above based on clues contained your posts over last few years. We both have an excellent collection music and culture memories. I just can’t work out how you can spend most of your life exploring and writing, that’s a wonderful mystery! Best wishes on your birthday.
I was born in the same year as DG, which is good enough for me....

.... albeit not early enough to be able to vote in the 1983 General Election

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