please empty your brain below

From what I gather we've 'won' no import tariffs and can visit the EU for up to 90 days visa-free, the latter being really no different to the rest of the world anyway.

The list of what we've lost is much longer. :(
If there is a Brexit Bonus it is roughly 2kg of fish per person per year at a cost of £750 per kilo.

(Extra Tonnes per year 130,000
UK Population (approx) 70,000,000
Kg Fish per person per year 1.86Kg)

The economic cost is a 5.2% reduction in GDP (" the OBR modelled for a 5.2% loss of potential GDP over 15 years if a “typical” free trade agreement was struck") which is approx $2200 per head giving $1100(£750) per kilogram of said fish.

(GDP per head in 2019 $42,300)

Numbers are a bit rough but so was the one on the side of the bus.

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