please empty your brain below

Well I think Santa at least looks cheerful and that is needed when contemplating travelling at this time.
If you’re going home to DGD, i hope your journey will be ok and that you have a happy festive time together. 🎄🎄🎄
I think adults will think it's aimed at children and children will be disappointed. Another Network Fail
I think it's quite well conceived actually - as you say, Santa is not perceived as a fingerwagger, so the message comes across as a positive one, presented in a seasonal manner.
Once, I earnestly asked my parents, if Santa goes down the chimney then how about our house which doesn't have a chimney. "It's okay" I was reassured. "The Council has given Santa a key that opens every front door on the estate.". I should have found that much more disturbing than my 4-year self did.
Coming next summer: Safety Spiderman.. urging you to use the handrail
Ho ho holy smokes
Santa’s doing the Elf and Safety out of work. This is his time.
Bah, Humbug!
Missed last month’s Safety Guy Fawkes campaign.
I think it would have been better to have a picture of the Grinch and have a slogan like "Don't let the Grinch win, hold the handrail and stay safe this Christmas". Though copyright would probably stop them using the Grinch and if they could licence the image the cost would possibly be prohibitive.
Using "please" rather than "you must not" makes it look acceptable, albeit undesirable. It might even put ideas in some people's heads.
The message seems to be that Christmas is particularly dangerous.
I agree with Blue Witch.
I hope there's a sign aimed at festive drinkers - "If you're sh*tfaced, please take extra care on stairs and escalators."
Only about five years ago, Mark Carne (then Chief Executive of Network Rail) urged us at work (as part of a rail industry safety campaign) ALWAYS to hold the hand rail when walking up or down stairs. A few in the audience tutted and sighed when somebody asked about the health risks and how often the hand rails are cleaned in our multi-tenant office building.

Less than three years ago the message across the nation was NOT to hold the hand rail, because of the risk of picking up this nasty new SARS-CoV-2.

How times change.
People not holding handrails (in general) due to Covid worries led to an increase in serious accidents.
They missed a trick with "Please don't run" - they should have gone for "Don't be a Dasher, especially in rain, dear".
Could have said "listen to your parents when on the station or you will get a lump of (heritage railway eco-friendly) coal in your stocking"
DavidC - Love it!
I hope Safety Santa has done his risk assessment. He seems to have forgotten his orange hi-vis.
Heritage railways are actually struggling to get good supplies of coal at the moment, quite a few are worried about it.

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