please empty your brain below

Thanks for going there, I certainly wont!.
I was there yesterday afternoon, the architecture was excellent, the few price tickets that I looked at were extortionate, but overall I loved the place.
I only ever went to Bagleys when I couldn't get into The Cross - quite amazing to see how the site has been transformed.
I used to walk up and down there, and steer Tarporley back and forth past there a lot, ten or so years ago. It's changed so much even in that short time and I can't now remember what it was like before, which makes me sad.
...I preferred a night at 'backpackers' and then join those crazy antipodean types at 'the church' on Sunday morning...
"...and marvelled at the carefully-considered irrelevance of it all"

The best review I have read in any newspaper / magazine / blog, on any arts / culture / architecture / shopping subject for many a long year.

It's lovely to have my faith in humanity restored on a Saturday morning.
NickW ... Hear hear! I totally agree. It’s SO good I had to read it out loud to my other half.
Researching another post in the immediate area, I've had cause to pop in and use the gents again. Most convenient.

Target audience now very much in evidence, in tweed caps, designer bobble hats and orange snorkel parkas.
Might use the gents, though St Pancras has free ones anyway

I do wonder where they will find enough customers though, it's not as if London is short of upmarket boutiques
The best thing about it sounds like the (presumably free) loos!
Restoration triumph with lots of original brick and ironwork to marvel at, and nooks and crannies to explore. I was particularly struck by the unexpected coterie of bar(s) and restaurant(s) nestling under the north-east corner of the high-line (near the canal), semi-outdoor and really quite enticing. There seem to be a few other small coffee and food stops scattered about, which is good. Most of the retail isn't for me, but Wolf & Badger has some nice titbits - I bought a card. And Le Chocolat - heaven but pricy. But it's the Samsung futurism/AI experience that will really draw me back, hopefully.
Clubbing? What is clubbing? Are you referring to the Reform Club perchance? It is nowhere near there.

Beautiful prose. Thank you.
Just had a look and, although it's interesting and I really wanted to like it, I couldn't help thinking that much of CDY and Granary Square is soulless and sterile. I'm not in the least religious, but it reminded me of a crematorium chapel that lacks the atmosphere of a real historic church with a congregation, or the New Routemaster which isn't authentic because you can't hop on and off.

It desperately needs some trees and greenery to break up the monotony of the football-pitch-sized paved areas.

I fear it will be very bleak in winter when a freezing north easterly from the Arctic is blasting through.

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