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In the days when fare zones applied to buses, Chelsea Embankment passed from zone 1 to zone 2 at the junction with Albert Bridge. So that particular point - just west of the bridge - was only just in zone 2.

The northern part of Regent's Park was definitely in zone 2.
Good post. In the popular imagination, the fare zones are always thought of as geographical areas. Even though, for their prime purpose, they are not, they are collections of stations (+tram stops).

The opposite question would be which circle going through 3 stations has the smallest radius. My guess is Bank/Monument/Cannon Street. Gets into issues of which entrance you count though.
An old bus map shows zone 1 hugging the hugging the south bank of the Thames, so Chelsea Bridge is zone 1, but Battersea Park and Queenstown Road isn't, neither is Nine Elms Road. Vauxhall Stn. is in both, as is Elephant & Castle and the road junction south of Tower Bridge. Zone 1 crosses the north end of Kennington Road and Great Dover Street - presumably wherever the first/last bus stop is located.

In North London Commercial Street is zone 1, then the alignment of Barnet Grove, across Kingsland Road - the Geffrye Museum is in zone 1, north of Islington Green, west end of Copenhagen Street, then it dives down to go south of Mornington Crescent, through Regents Park, south of the Regents Park Mosque, then it wiggles southwards, crossing the Westway at Warwick Avenue, south of Royal Oak, Westbourne Grove (both 1 and 2), Notting Hill (both 1 and 2), Commonwealth Institute, Earls Court - area south was zone 2, eastern end of Old Brompton Road, Fulham Road south of Brompton Hospital and Chelsea Old Town Hall and Albert Bridge. so (from 1981)

It also depends how you define the station location. The science museum entrance to south ken must be significantly closer. Even if the subway is quite long
Not a surprise to see Royal Albert Hall feature here; oh how I groan inwardly when someone suggests a visit to an event at the venue and I recall the long fume-filled (and invariably wet/windy) walk from one of the 'local' stations.
Old bus maps still mean that as long as you are on Chelsea Embankment a few yards east of Chelsea Bridge or Oakley Street, you are still in Zone 1.

How far is that from Sloane Square Station (the entrance is on the east side of the square)? Even if it is closer, as the crow flies, than the Albert Memorial is to South Kensington station, it is probably further to walk, as the route is not so direct.

dg writes: 1.2km... which would make this the furthest point in 'Zone 1' from a station.
Comparing Ollie's excellent map and that bus map, I think there is another point in Zone 1 that is over 900m from a station - somewhere in the vicinity of the bus stop at the junction of Lafone Street and Tooley Street, and equidistant from London Bridge, Tower Hill and Bermondsey stations, and right on the edge of Zone 1.

dg writes: That's one stop outside the red zone on the bus map, and also only 650m from the new entrance at London Bridge.

There is a railway station very close to Mount Pleasant - London's newest in fact, as it only opened last year. I don't think it really counts though, as there is no other station on the line.
Which entrance are you measuring the distance between the Albert Memorial and South Kensington to? Surely the Science Museum entrance woild be closer.

dg writes: I've assumed that's the start of a 400m walk to the station, rather than the station itself.
I seem to have spent quite big chunks of my life travelling to the top four: Albert Memorial (regular attendance at the Proms over many decades); Nine Elms (nearby Ponton Road was the site of a dodgy printers I had to visit late on Friday nights with page layouts); Grosvenor Road (we lived in a houseboat at hidden Grosvenor Dock for three years, now a sad shallow puddle within a posh housing complex); Mount Pleasant (visiting the post office with a daily newsletter in the days before the Internet).
Err..not quite. In my part of West London, the Zone 1 boundary was at the junction of Chepstow Road and Westbourne Grove, not Elgin Crescent. And Royal Oak station is zone 2.

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