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I vaguely remember complexities about bus stops when the smoking ban was brought in - TfL put stickers on all of them, but then covered some up due to issues about who owned some of the narrower pavements, and whether the bus stop was materially distinct to the pavement.
I remember, when the smoking ban was introduced, travelling on an open-top bus, which displayed the No Smoking stickers. I thought 'That's ridiculous, it's all fresh air up here'. But the indignation meter has long since mellowed.

The mask ban on an open-top bus now seems perfectly reasonable.
I am very happy to see that after all my recent hard work removing the spray paint tags from my local bus shelter it has been featured in your post today, its nice to see a comparison with other local bus shelters, for me it makes all my hard work worthwhile
My NHS employer erected a smokers' shelter when the smoking ban came in. And surprise surprise it turned out to be technically an enclosed space.
I thought you were going to delve into quantum mechanics in your last paragraph; "....the more you drill down into what a relevant place actually is the more uncertain it becomes," sounds like Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.
In the relevant respect, the TfL and National Rail byelaws are the same. TfL have made a reasonable safety notice under their byelaws, and there is nothing to stop any other train operators issuing the same notice. I believe this is what the Secretary of State had in mind initially but it would have required notices at every station, wouldn't cover buses and is probably a bit arguable whether it is in the remit of safety.
TfL's extra requirements seem to be trying to plug the gap in that the legislation requires you to wear a face covering, but not necessarily over your face...
I can't believe how the wearing of masks in libraries, cinemas & bingo halls can be considered exempt while passing through an airy station concourse isn't!

My nearest stations have wide, airy, and generally deserted ticket halls with a long flight of steps to either get in or reach the platform.

A couple of weeks ago I had to rush up the steps (with my mask on) in order to make it to the train coming in and collapsed gasping for air onto the seat.
In the end I had to pull my mask down enough to get my breath back again as I just couldn't breathe well enough in my mask and was beginning to feel faint, whereas the chances of breathing in or on anyone else at any point before boarding the train was zero!!
I do not understand the logic in Libraries being exempt.
I do wonder which bus stations do or do not need face coverings. Thinking near me, Hammersmith upper bus station would need them as people are supposed to wait inside and the only access is through a shopping centre. Hammersmith lower bus station however probably wouldn’t as it’s open air and not much more than a few glorified bus stands. But then you’ve got Shepherd’s Bush “bus station”, which is just a few bus stops along a bus only road so it doesn’t count, or it does as it’s connected to a Tube and Overground station, where people interchanging have to pass through?

But if in doubt, just wear a face covering...
I had an E-Mail last Thursday from City of London Libraries telling me that if I wanted to visit Barbican Library I would have to wear a face covering. I presume this is because the Barbican Centre has other galleries, art exhibitions etc, in which face coverings are mandatory.

Hardly surprising people get confused by the Government's mixed messaging and ambiguity.
Museuems and galleries are also exempted (no. 11 on a list of 28 categories).
Passing through Kings Cross and St. P yesterday, never occurred to me to put on my mask until I went in Waitrose, and a short while later entered the Thameslink station. But then neither a mall sort of person or a smoker.
Click on 'Diamond Geezer'. What has he in store for us today?

Postcards from here and there. Excellent, it's a good day. A look at Percy Ingle. Great piece, it's a good day. Oh, something about face coverings. Not such a good day.

Blogging offers the opportunity to cover such a wide range of topics. But over time, it's the geographical, historical and transport-related blogs that bring smiles to this particular face.

Not that you can see them behind a face covering though!

dg writes: This is the most transport-related post of the last week.
It's "indoor transport hubs" (airports, rail and tram stations and terminals, maritime ports and terminals, bus and coach stations and terminals), not all transport hubs.

Also, from 8th August face coverings must be worn in cinemas, theatres, bingo halls, concert halls, museums, galleries, aquariums, indoor cultural sites, beauty salons, barber, massage parlours, places of worship, libraries, community centres, and tattoo parlours.
I wrote to TfL about staff not wearing masks while carrying out platform duties this week. Their reply was..

"Unless our staff are in areas where social distancing is impossible and they are in immediate close proximity with the public, they are exempt. If you actually saw them unmasked and in very close proximity to people, please let me know and I’ll pass on your thoughts to the Area Manager."

They also included an exemptions list.

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