please empty your brain below

£20.00 to sit in a tatty old barge? How do they have the audacity to call these these things chariots?

Have any of the people who came up with this idea ever travelled by water before?

IBC Centre? I do like a good bit of RAS syndrome.

I think the water chariot is hoisted onto the DLR by Devons Road. That's why it looks so direct.

I wonder how long it will be before someone paints out the 'C' in 'canal'?

I hate to say this (and I have my reputation as a Contrary Witch to uphold, of course ;)), but, if I were a tourist who'd paid thousands of pounds to come to London for the Olympics, I'd think that £20 extra for a nice pre-event cruise was just the ticket.

I think the 'solid white wall where the logo goes' are the doors. So you won't have to worry too much about missing out on a window seat - unless you want to see out the front.

Goodness me, they couldn't have made it more ugly if they tried. At least after the Olympics they will not need much modification to become hippy boats on the Lee...
I have posted links to your posts on Canalworld dg.

Can't wait until LOCOG see this. The nazi brand police will have a field day!

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