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Another splendidly descriptive post. As a volunteer Rights of Way Surveyor in Hertfordshire I can confirm that misspellings on RoW signage is common, and appears to have become somewhat of a specialism across the county.
Another piece of rural London I didn't know I didn't know existed. One of the reasons I keep coming back here every morning :)
As I said yesterday, this is on my shortist of walks to to do!

The Green Belt on the edge of London does contain a remarkable number of horses, especially between London and Herts. It really feels another world from the suburban streets a short distance away.
This takes me back to an evening walk I did a few years ago, from Edgware up to Elstree and beyond to Letchmore Heath, actual Aldenham (not yer LT bus depot Aldenham, which is about three miles away) and finishing at Watford Junction. Ten miles and a lot of variety. Quite lovely.
Just off Edgwarebury Lane is Northern Heights Guide Campsite, known to many North London girls (including my daughters) and with spectacular views across London (and Scratchwood Services).
I expect this pleasant stroll into Hertfordshire was followed by a ride on the 107 bus, one of the dwindling pool of TfL out-of-London excursions.
Thanks for two days of Edgware exploration. I lived there in the 60s & my mum still lives there.

‘Edgeware’ is sometimes seen; I believe it’s an acceptable if irritating alternative spelling. OTOH ‘Edgewarebury’ offends my eyes in the same way as those poor abused apostrophes. I should probably seek professional help.
Grid squares TQ1894 and TQ1994 were wholly in London until 1993.
Who's the lady on the bridge?
Now I'm going to trawl through my Avengers discs to see what eps the Manor was in :-) Maybe the "Avengers Forever" site will tell us…

dg writes: Or click on the link in the post.
Seems like exactly the sort of place where London could expand a little to alleviate the housing crisis. Having a farm's nice but so many years on the considerations are differently balanced
Oh well done! I was put off by all the private signs so didn't go any further. For somewhere so tucked away there were an awful lot of people around giving me the eye!
Having exhausted the local waterways I think I shall embark on Local London Lanes for my next project - starting with Edgwarbury Lane!
I've walked this lane a quite a few times, sometimes continuing to Aldenham Country Park and on to the Hilfield Park reservoir. There are a couple more restricted byways next to that, one of which crosses the busy-ish runway of Elstree Aerodrome where you have to watch for small planes before crossing. There's another public footpath shown on the OS map that also crosses the runway, but I've never been able to find that one.
Hertfordshire...the county that can't agree on a consistent spelling for nearby Mimms villages (South Mimms/North Mymms). So no surprise on the spelling of Edgware on the signage.

The 1611 Speed Map of Middlesex seems to justify an Edge spelling, but that was in an age where regularised spelling was not yet commonplace.
Funnily enough was walking the London Loop between Stanmore and Elstree/Borehamwood this weds. I saw STEVE's camp site with it's tepees and yurts and took some photos. The huge M1 flyover near there was a monstrous monstrosity of monster proportions ;-)
Edgware is first recorded as Ægces wer in about 975AD, meaning weir or fishing enclosure of a man called Ecgi. So the e after the g has some provenance in Old English.
Herts CC has since renewed the bridleway sign at the junction of Edgwarebury Lane with Barnet Lane, and Edgware is now correctly spelled. If you'd like a photo, please let me have an e-address to which to send it.
Loved this guide, so thank you. I'd always wondered if the path was free to walk.unhindered, as going past the farm seemed a bit daunting/unsure if it was Private land, so thank you, can't wait to do it!

Elstree Manor or "The Manor" as it's known, was also featured in the film, "Mosquito Squadron" with the late David McCallum. And mostly behind the Manor in "School for Scoundrels" with Ian Carmichael/Terry-Thomas, in the back tennis court scene (which according to Google Earth, seems to have a large "chequerboard" area at the back, now.

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