please empty your brain below

Sounds fascinating. I'll look forward to your photos when you can eventually post them.

Couldn't you uninstall your existing Photoshop installation, and then reinstall on your new laptop? I know Photoshop can be awkward to install sometimes.

I love walking along the Regent's canal. You're right about the new buildings going up over the last few years.

One of my favourites, too, for riding with my mountain bike.
A special event at Victoria Park earlier this year attracted no end of narrow boats to moor up along that stretch of the canal, which made passing along there a real step back in time.

I walked the length of the tow path, from Limehouse to Paddington Basin a few years ago. I bet already, it's changed a lot.

What was odd about the dog?

It was your Regent's Canal posts of a few years ago that a) introduced me to your blog whilst googling for a canalside walk in London and b) opened up a love of walking in London. We now live in Kent so it's always local pub walks these days but thanks again.

I noticed the comments window is now being served by - bravo for the provider of a "simple" alternative! :-)

It's very much a work in progress...

No, City Road Basin's just as bleak in the summer:

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